Married At First Sight: Mike’s hair transformation

We can't all have luscious locks like Heidi.
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On Monday night’s episode of Married At First Sight, we all tuned in to watch Mike tear Jessika a new one after her secret affair with Dan was revealed.

But there’s something else that has viewers scratching their heads (pun intended) after it was revealed that the 44 year-old electrician had undergone a procedure called Scalp Micro-pigmentation, meaning his hair, or more specifically his hairline, was tattooed on.

Hairline Solutions, which has clinics in Melbourne and Mike’s local city of the Gold Coast, has uploaded a before and after snap of the MAFS groom’s scalp showing his transformation, and it was swiftly re-posted by Instagram fan account, @MAFSfunny.

“Mike had his SMP treatment done by Aaron at Hairline Solutions in August 2018, just prior to the commencement of filming,” the original caption read.

“We had been recommended to Mike by one of his close friends who’d also received a treatment from Aaron.”

Check it out below!

There’s something different there! (Image: Instagram @hairlinesolutions)

Fans were quick to comment how good it looks, while others claim they knew it was a tattoo all along.

“I’m so impressed! He looks heaps better,” one person commented.

“YES!!! That front on photo you can tell, I knew there were two different shades,” another replied after they were tagged in the post.

“And Mike calls a woman ‘fake’ ..the irony,” commented another.

Fans also remarked how it looked as if they had tattooed a scar on his head as well to which the clinic confirmed via the MAFSfunny Instagram.

“I put the scar in his hairline as a feature. It adds a little character. I do them regularly for my guys,” the clinic replied to a comment.

We must admit, they did a pretty neat job! And Hairline Solutions obviously think so too as Mike is now the Insta official face of the company.

Oh hey there Mike! (Image: Instagram @hairlinesolutions)

His hair may be looking good but the same can’t be said for Mike’s relationship with Heidi.

Woman’s Day report that the 44 year-old is dating 26 year-old Casey Stewart who works in construction and is a part-time model.

“Mike and Casey have been spending a lot of time together and she stays at his place on the Gold Coast a lot,” a source revealed to the magazine.

“They’re planning to go public after the show, once Mike’s commitments finish.”

WATCH: Mike and Heidi close the door on their relationship.

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