Hairstylist cuts triangles into girl’s mermaid-long hair and it is MESMERISING

We can't look away!

There’s always that moment at the end of a haircut when the hairstylist whips out a second mirror, spins you around in the chair and shows you with a beaming smile what you’re going to be wearing on your head for the next few months. Often you feel joy and bewilderment, because you have no idea how you’re going to recreate that perfect tousled wave at home. But, sometimes upon seeing your new ‘do, especially if it’s a dramatic change from your norm, you just want to cry, reverse the clock and ask “just a trim please”.

We wonder if this young girl felt hair cut regret when her hairdresser chopped triangles into her waist-skimming tresses?

“Chop chop! She had so much hair, she was ready for a change!” hair stylist Jay Rua, captioned the video of the girl’s hair transformation.

On Monday, Las Vegas-based hairstylist Jay Rua, posted a video (spotted by Allure) of himself chopping triangle shapes into a girl’s hair on his Instagram account. Much like videos of dermatologists extracting blackheads, there is something seriously satisfying, but also frightening, about seeing someone’s strands drop to the floor.

Rua’s client, a girl with mermaid-length hair, trusted the well-known hairstylist to transform her signature long locks into a fresh, modern look. Rua certainly gave the young girl a new aesthetic, however, on his way to cutting her cropped ‘do the stylist showed-off a surprising cutting technique.

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In the video (above), Rua begins by brushing the girl’s pin-straight, waist-length strands down her back. Taking his trusty scissors, the famed hair stylist snips several centimeters of hair by making diagonal cuts to create bold triangle shapes (think the jagged hemline of Wilma Flinstone’s dress). After cutting five angular points, he cuts a blunt line across the hair, trimming off the triangles he just made.

In the end, what did his client walk away with? A sleek, sharp, cut falling just below the girl’s shoulders.

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