Tress to impress! The hair-colour trick that’ll shave years off your face

Not only that, but it’ll save you a bucketload at the make-up counter.
Jessica Alba

Have you ever caught yourself staring into a mirror, wishing you could magic away maybe one or two creases close to your eyes? Or perhaps you’ve attempted to conjour up a spell that will retain the fine lines you’ve grown to love on your forehead, but erase those ones that just keep cropping up?

Well, hey while we’re all about embracing the skin we’re in, sometimes, the signs of ageing can occasionally feel a little less loveable than loathsome (furrowed brows, we’re looking at you…).

Enter: colour contouring. If you’ve ever heard of balayage or ombre strands, you will be all up on what anti-ageing hair colour contouring is about.

If not, hair ~genius~ and Wella Professional ambassador Richi Grisillo, Colour Director at Academie Salon, is here to educate you/us, too on the hair colour you need to ask your hair stylist for; the hair colour that can take years off your complexion in just one visit. All colours, included.

Permission to tress to impress…

What is colour contouring?

Hair contouring is a hand-crafted colour technique adapted to the face shape that changes the way colourists work to enhance facial features and complexion.

It is strategic colour placement to sit against areas of the face you want to enhance or hide. As well as utilising cool and warm tones to make your features pop.

Jessica Alba’s warm, honey hues make this mum-to-be’s eyes and smile shine even brighter.

What kind of hair colour do you need for colour contouring? And can it work on any skin type?

The concept of colour contouring is extremely versatile and can be used for all and any hair type or texture and can be adapted to suit any complexion or skin tone.

That’s the best thing about the technique – it’s about the placement of colour to enhance features and will be tailor made to suit you.

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Why is colour contouring a great technique for anti-ageing?

Colour contouring is a great concept when you want to brighten your complexion and instantly make you feel and look younger.

Complexion is key when it comes to a hair colour that complements your eyes and skin tone to make you look healthy.

A lot of people seek ashy or cool tones when their complexion is hungry for warmth – this is a prime example of how you can use the concept colour contouring to transform your hair and face.

SJP is the OG when it comes to colour contouring.

Is there much up-keep for colour contouring? Or is it pretty low maintenance?

Colour contouring is an application and it really comes down to how ‘needy’ your regrowth is in terms of grey hair and covering it.

As a professional colourist and to get the most out of your colour, I would recommend salon visits every eight weeks, even if it’s to maintain your hair’s condition through treatments and a toner.

What should someone ask their stylist for when it comes to booking a colour contouring appointment?

Let them know you are ready for a change (no matter how big or small it might be). Keep in mind it may take more time than usual to work with a colour-contouring service.

Communication is important when talking to your colourist; I would always recommend to visit for a face to face consultation prior to the appointment to ensure the best possible result. Plus,

this will also give you both time to discuss your options.

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