These celebrity brow transformations prove it’s possible to come back from the ’90s

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Brows have become such hot topic in recent years, but many of us still struggle from a ’90s hangover of skinny brows (and hey if you like that look, go for it). Although that was on trend then, full and natural brows are the go now. Even if you struggle to grow back your natural arches, these celebrities show you can still get the look with tint, pencil or powder.

Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer swapped her thin, opaque brows for a natural finish. The different tones in her brow hairs make Jen look younger, and created the illusion of a lifted eye.

Olivia Wilde

“In my mid-teens, I plucked them to create that sexy Kate Moss arch. I regret it because I damaged my follicles, and now it’s hard for me to grow thick, bushy brows.” Olivia told InStyle. Darker brows suit Olivia’s darker hair, and balance her square jawline.


We love Adele’s bolder brows on her fair skin, and they work to accentuate her signature feline flick.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron is guilty of a common brow sin (as we all have) – choosing the wrong colour to fill them in. An ashy colour suits her blonde hair more, and not using so much product actually helps to show definition in her brows.

Drew Barrymore

A stronger brow makes Drew look more youthful while the darker tone complements her fair skin so she doesn’t look washed out.

Kim Kardashian

Brows were a key part of Kim’s beauty overhaul, turning her naturally full arch into a perfectly symmetrical, manicured line.

Courteney Cox

Courteney has kept her signature brow shape over the years, but has made them darker and thicker to go with the trends.

Victoria Beckham

Victoria has made both end of her brows the same thickness, which “lifts” the outer corner of her eyes and enhances her cheekbones.

Kate Hudson

Although Kate is still blonde, she’s darkened her brows from the golden colour they once were to (still complementary) ash brown.

Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer still loves a slicked-back ponytail, but has learnt bold brows make her eyes the focal point of her face.

Gwen Stefani

Gwen was the poster girl for classic ’90s brows but has managed to reinvent them, going from a pencil-thin line to a full, elongated shape.

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