Drew Barrymore’s 3-minute makeup routine for busy mums

This is one woman who knows how to get stuff done.

By Amber Elias
Drew Barrymore might be a Hollywood actress, but she's also a busy mum of two girls and, like us, has zero time to get ready in the morning. “You know, I usually don’t have any time to do my makeup,” Drew says.
Sometimes you might make it out the door with cereal stuck to your jumper, but other days you want to put on some lipstick and feel great.
Enter Drew’s three-minute beauty routine that you can recreate at home, with a few multitasking products that you probably already have in your bag.
“It’s so real for us girls. We really do our makeup on the go.”
You’ll need:
1 x foundation or tinted moisturiser
1 x highlighter powder
1 x bronzer
1 x blush
1 x moisturiser
1 x magenta lip pencil
1 x fuchsia lipstick
1 x tinted powder with SPF
1 x mascara

To start, wash your hands. “You always want to start with clean hands no matter what,” Drew says.
Swipe highlighting powder on your cheekbones, down the centre of your nose, brow bone (skip this area if you have hooded eyes) and cupid's bow (the middle of your top lip). “The highlighter is always where you picture light reflecting.”
Dust bronzing powder on your cheekbones and around your hairline on your forehead. Use blush across your cheeks, keeping the colour under your eyes and in line with the tip of your nose. Don’t smile when applying blush, as applying it higher lifts your cheeks. You can use the same brush for all three cheek colours also.
Drew’s pro tip? “Take a little bit of moisturiser, I just put it on my fingers” tap it together, and apply it on top of your foundation and cheek colour, to add extra glow “it does something even a highlighter can’t do. It’s beyond a makeup glow; it just makes your skin look really fresh.”

Use a super-sharp lip liner to softly line the outside of your lips. This prevents colour bleeding out into any fine lines and you can also correct any imbalances in your lip line. Use your finger to gently smudge the pencil into the rest of your lips, and then use your lipstick in a matching shade to fill in the rest.
“I always just put a little bit of my lipstick on my cheeks, so there is a correlation of colour” Drew says, and this is a great way to balance a bold lip shade with the rest of your makeup.
Drew loves a powder formula with a high SPF because “as you get older, you realise you have melasma and babies and you get this kind of crazy pigment.” Dust your powder over your face as a last step, as it can help show any discrepancies in your foundation base, which you can then fill in with concealer or your foundation.
Finish with a black mascara, gently tousle your hair and you're good to go!

Drew's go to beauty products:

  1. MAC Cosmetics Lip Pencil in Magenta, $30,
  2. By Terry Rouge-Expert Click Stick in Dark Purple, $51,
  3. Colorescience Sunforgettable Mineral Makeup SPF 50, $79.20, 1800 648 851
  4. Dior Diorshow Black Out Spectacular Volume Intense Khôl Mascara, $55,