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William and Catherine depart for honeymoon

William and Catherine depart Buckingham Palace for their 'mini-moon' last month
Prince William has whisked Catherine off to the Seychelles for a luxurious honeymoon.
The new Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were seen boarding a private jet at a Welsh airport on Monday evening.
Airport officials on the Seychelles' main island Mahe confirmed the royal couple had touched down on Tuesday at 7.30am local time, before transferring to a helicopter to travel to their tropical resort.
The couple will reportedly spend 10 days in a private villa that costs more than $6000 a night. The resort was inspected by royal protection officers three weeks ago to ensure the safety of the newlyweds, and is believed to be extremely secluded.
The media have agreed to keep the exact location of William and Catherine's honeymoon secret, to allow the couple to enjoy their holiday in private.
It is not the first time William and Catherine have visited the Seychelles, a group of 115 islands in the Indian Ocean. They holidayed on the island of Desroches four years ago, with William reportedly telling friends it was the best holiday he ever had.
Seychelles tourism officials are thrilled William and Catherine have chosen the archipelago for their honeymoon, and have promised to ensure they have a fantastic time.
"We are obviously delighted that Prince William and his new wife have decided to honeymoon in the Seychelles," a spokesman for the Seychelles department of tourism told the UK's Daily Mail
"We know they will want some peace and quiet and there couldn't be a better place for them to find it, so we will leave them to enjoy themselves throughout their stay.
"Perhaps at some stage our tourism chief executive might meet with them but otherwise we have nothing special planned for their holiday." William and Catherine married in London's Westminster Abbey on April 29. They spent two days in a mystery UK location on a 'mini-moon' but delayed their proper honeymoon until now.

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