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Countess Sophie of Wessex was caught up in a shock PR scandal just two years into her marriage

She may be the Queen's favourite daughter-in-law, but even Sophie isn't immune from a little dirty laundry.

By Alex Lilly
When it comes to scandals, the royal family have had their fair share from extramarital affairs to toe-sucking.
But Sophie of Wessex isn't often a name we see associated with the firm's dramas.
Prince Edward's wife is rumoured to be the Queen's favourite in-law thanks to her hard-working attitude and low-key lifestyle, but just two years after her royal wedding, Countess Sophie was at the centre of a PR scandal.
Countess Sophie may be a firm favourite, but even she has been caught up in royal scandal. (Getty)
Prince Edward and the then Sophie Rhys-Jones became husband and wife in 1999, officially becoming the Earl and Countess of Wessex at St George's Chapel.
But just two years later, Sophie, who ran her own public relations firm R-JH Public relations, reportedly met with Mazher Mahmoud, a News of the World reporter pretending to be a sheik.
According to royal correspondent Emily Andrews, "In this particular instance he wanted to employ Sophie's company for PR, so they met on a number of occasions and Sophie was rather indiscreet."
In 2001, Countess Sophie still ran a PR firm. (Getty)
The royal's conversation with the journalist was recorded and Sophie made some eyebrow-raising remarks about British politicians including the then-British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie.
"She said the Royal Family didn't like him because he was too presidential," Daily Mail editor Richard Kay.
"She also made some unflattering remarks about William Hague, who was then the leader of the opposition."
Countess Sophie also allegedly made comments about her brother-in-law Prince Charles and the then Camilla Parker-Bowles remarking that the public would not like Camilla to be Queen.
Sophie's recorded tapes with the undercover journalist made headlines. (Image: Getty Images)
Once the scandal hit the tabloids, Sophie stepped down from her position, releasing a statement about the proceedings.
"I am deeply distressed by the carrying out of an entrapment operation on me and my business but I also much regret my own misjudgment in succumbing to that subterfuge," she wrote.
"This has been a difficult time for me. I take very seriously the issues raised and, naturally, regret any embarrassment above all to the Queen."
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Despite the slip-up, Countess Sophie has proved that she is a valued and respected member within the royal family.
The Queen loves spending time with her youngest son, his wife and their children and sees Sophie as something of a second daughter.
According to a royal insider speaking to The Express said, "The Queen likes to be completely calm before church and she finds Sophie's presence soothing."

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