British Royal Family

Royal wedding imposters

Some onlookers might have thought Prince William and Kate Middleton had abandoned their April 29 wedding and tied the knot early in London recently, but it was all part of a book launch.
The book, Kate and Wills up the Aisle by Alison Jackson (who has made a career for herself photographing celebrity look-alikes), takes a humorous "behind closed doors" look at the royal romance and wedding.
For the book launch, look-alikes of Prince William, Kate Middleton, the Queen and Prince Harry dressed in their wedding-day best and performed a number of stunts around London, starting with a horse-drawn carriage at Waterstone's Piccadilly bookshop.
Throughout the day the look-alikes posed for paparazzi-style pictures of the royals in risqué poses.
The launch included the royal couple dining at a KFC restaurant before having a fake wedding ceremony at St Paul's Church, Covent Garden.
See the royal wedding imposters in our video above.

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