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How Prince Charles is planning to shake up the monarchy when he becomes king

Here's who's going on the chopping block!

By Woman's Day team
While the Queen remains determined to stay on the throne until her final breath, even the beloved monarch is starting to accept that it's time for her next in line to step up.
Woman's Day understands the palace is in "the late stages" of drawing up a regency for Prince Charles – meaning he will rule in the unfortunate event the Queen is no longer able.
The news comes after Her Majesty, 96, failed to appear at the Royal Ascot races for the first time since her 1953 coronation due to her mobility issues.
"He knows he won't reign for long, but he is already in charge of the day to day and wants to make that official," says a source. "The Queen used to resist the idea of a regency, but even she is accepting that it's time."
Palace insiders reveal Charles has a lot of things he wants to implement – but most pressing will be shaking up the wider family's roles. Here, we look at what a regency means for the outlying Windsors.
"He knows he won't reign for long." (Image: Getty)

Beatrice & Eugenie: Getting the chop

While their granny has always taken care to unofficially include them in royal life, sources say princesses Beatrice, 33, and Eugenie, 32, can expect to all but be banished from royal duties once she is gone.
"There's a reason Beatrice is moving out of St James's Palace and into the countryside, and Eugenie has packed her young family off to Portugal," says a source. "They know their days are numbered once Charles takes charge."

Fergie & Andrew: Banished for good

Sarah, Duchess of York, 62, defended her ex-husband last week as a "good and kind man" – but Charles couldn't care less, according to insiders.
"Charles can't wait to see the back of both of them – they've been a thorn in his side," says a source, who says he plans to give them a modest home in rural Scotland and an allowance "if that's what it takes to keep them both out of his hair".
Beatrice is moving out of St James's Palace and into the countryside whilst Eugenie has packed her young family off to Portugal. (Image: Getty)

Harry's facing an ultimatum

We're exclusively told that Prince Harry, 37, is "considering relinquishing his HRH title" before Charles takes the throne.
"With things going so badly with the family, Harry feels they'll take it from him anyway, so he wants to get in first," says a source.
"He also has to figure out what to do about his surname. When Charles is king, Harry technically will be known as Prince Henry of Sussex, but he and Meghan aren't too keen on that. Charles is pushing for him to make his mind up."

MEGHAN: Under close watch

The results of Buckingham Palace's inquiry over claims the Duchess of Sussex bullied staff during her tenure as a royal are in. But Charles has agreed to keep findings under wraps so as not to further fray relations.
"He wants to do right by his daughter-in-law," says a source. "But it puts the ball in Meghan's court. Any more attacks on the family and it won't take long for details of that investigation to be leaked."

Zara & Peter: Joining the firm

The recent jubilee celebrations have left Charles "noticing how much affection the public has" for Zara Tindall, 41, and her brother Peter Phillips, 44, and is "considering asking them to become working royals".
They are the children of Princess Anne, who opted for them not to have titles.
"Charles loves Zara and Peter's no-nonsense attitude and thinks they would be an asset – the perfect way to fill Harry's absence," says a source.
"Charles loves Zara [pictured with husband Mike Tindall] and Peter's no-nonsense attitude." (Image: Getty)

Louise & James: Off to work

The Wessexes are keen to give their children royal roles and we're told Charles is "open to the idea".
Sources note that Edward and Sophie have been loyal servants to the Crown and they want to make sure their kids have a future within the institution.
It's rumoured that Lady Louise, 18, will be given a horse-related patronage in honour of her carriage-riding career and once her brother, 14-year-old James, Viscount Severn, comes of age, Charles has promised to "assess the situation".

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