Catch me if you can! Mia and Mike Tindall enjoy daddy-daughter play date

She may not have a royal title but Mia Tindall certainly acts like a true Princess!

By Blake Nadilo
She may not have a royal title but Mia Tindall certainly acts like a true Princess!
All eyes were on Zara Phillips and Mike Tindall's daughter Mia at the Gatcombe Horse Trials on the weekend, with the 20-month-old keeping everyone on their toes and looking positively adorable while doing so.
Mike, Mia and Princess Anne were on the side-lines supporting Zara as she competed in the equestrian competition, but it seems the super cute bub lost interest pretty quickly.
The tiny tot even made a run for it at one point - luckily her former rugby champion dad was quick to catch up.
The hands-on father kept his daughter entertained by letting her ride on his shoulders and playing with an empty water bottle - perhaps Prince George and his cousin have traded secrets about causing a ruckus?
It wasn’t just the water bottle keeping Mia transfixed though, as proud Granny, Princess Anne stepped in to lark about with her gorgeous granddaughter.
Chatting to the Times previously, Mike revealed of his parenting situation, “You've got to be a hands-on dad nowadays, plus Zara spends a lot of time with the horses, so I don't have much choice in that sense.”
Despite showing her disinterest in Equestrian sports, young Mia isn’t short on athletic role models with an Olympic Medallist as a mum and a Rugby captain as a dad!
In an interview with the Daily Mail, the 36-year-old father explained that he will “support Mia in any sport she chooses.”
But he, “selfishly hopes she chooses golf to help improve my own game.”
Click through to check out Mia’s very cute meltdown.

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