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Prince Harry had to do one very important thing before formally naming his daughter after The Queen

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex welcomed their baby girl on June 4.

By Jess Pullar
Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's decision to name their daughter Lilibet Diana is, and likely will remain one of the most unique points of topic around the royal baby's birth.
The name itself reflects a deep sentimental meaning with a twist given Lilibet was Queen Elizabeth's nickname used only by her closest family - her father, King George VI, and her late husband, Prince Philip, known most for using the affectionate moniker.
So while Harry and Meghan had the world available to them when it came to choosing their daughter's name after she was born on June 4 in sunny California, their decision to choose such an intimate family-centric name truly reflects their continued love and support for the Monarch and her institution.
That said, there were some prerequisites Harry was required to tick-off before naming his baby girl after his grandmother.
Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan showed their admiration for The Queen by naming their daughter after her. (Getty)
In a new report from Vanity Fair, the Queen's biographer Sally Bedell Smith explained Harry would have been expected to ask for the Queen's permission before naming his daughter after her.
"Asking the Queen's permission for the name would be in line with royal tradition," she told the publication.
She continued: "I know when the Duke and Duchess of York (later George VI and Queen Elizabeth) proposed to name their second daughter Ann Margaret, King George V and Queen Mary objected to 'Ann,' so they settled on Margaret Rose."
Granny's blessing: Harry has always held his grandmother in high esteem. (Getty)
Of course, we know Harry and Meghan have made it perfectly clear they wish for their daughter to be named "Lili" in short for Lilibet.
That, Bedel Smith explained, could have been the clincher to give the couple the all-clear.
"It's lucky Harry and Meghan have said at the outset they will call their daughter 'Lili,'" she said, adding that the choice in using Lilibet may not have gone down smoothly in wider royal circles.
The Sussexes would be required to ask for the Queen's permission before using her name. (Getty)
That aside, it's clear both Meghan and Harry wanted to outwardly show their affection and admiration for Her Majesty The Queen by naming their daughter after her.
But true to their own form, the pair gave it their own unique twist.
And whether or not the family objected, they're still over the moon for the new parents - Prince William and Kate, along with dad Prince Charles and The Queen herself all paid tribute to the couple and their newborn with messages of congratulations posted to their social media accounts in the wake of the announcement.

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