Get ready to swoon: A definitive timeline of Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's love story

Prepare your cheek muscles - you're about to smile excessively.

By Jess Pullar
When the world found out that Duchess Meghan Markle and Prince Harry were an item, it sounded almost too good to be true.
Everyone's favourite charming, lovable red-headed royal had matched with a stunning Hollywood-siren, and thus, fairytales suddenly seemed very real.
Duchess Meghan and Prince Harry's love story is nothing short of Disney-worthy. (Image: Getty)
So where did this magical union begin, you ask?
Well as it happens, it was actually via a blind date.
Yes, you read that right - and while the expert match-maker has never been revealed, there's been plenty of speculation as to who was behind the match-up of the century, with some claiming royal friend Violet von Westenholz was behind the set-up. Meghan's close pal Misha Nonoo was also rumoured to have had a hand in the golden plan.
But no matter who was behind it, the result was glorious - from day dot the couple have charmed the masses with their adoring looks and ample hand-holding, not to mention their 100/10 rating in the joint-good-looks department.
And now, that the pair has welcomed their second baby - a little girl - we decided to take a stroll back down memory lane to recount their epic love story.
Grab yourself a cuppa and get comfortable, this is a tale for the ages.

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