The Voice

The Voice star Chriddy Black breaks his silence on that SHOCK elimination

''What a week so far! Unfortunate not to make it through to the finals..."

By Anita Lyons and Erin Doyle
Guy Sebastian is certainly one of Australia's favourite celebrities, but his decision on Monday night's episode of The Voice left fans outraged.
Fan favourite Chriddy Black had been pitted against former Australia's Got Talent winner Jack Vidgen and both men had to dig deep to pull off an emotional performance of Say Something in a heated Battle round.
Despite both singers' impressive efforts, Guy chose to take Jack to the finals, admitting the reason was because he thought Jack "needed" the show more.
"I'm being asked to choose between both of you, I think it sucks, but I want to make sure I take through the person that can benefit the most out of this experience," Guy said.
"I think the person who can benefit from this process right now is Jack."
Suffice to say, fans of the show went ballistic, taking to Twitter in droves saying that Chriddy had been "robbed" and that it was clear the judges wanted to "make Jack famous again for some reason".
Chriddy Black was eliminated during the battle rounds on The Voice on Monday night. (Source: Channel 9)
While his followers raged on, Chriddy remained silent until a post on Instagram last night.
"Couple things... What a f--king journey so far man. That battle was just next level... [sic]," he wrote.
"THANK YOU @jack.vidgen you are incredible and deserve the world brother ... THANK YOU to everyone whether we know each other or not for the constant love and support you have continued to give me ...THANK YOU to @thevoiceau and all the band, crew and fam involved in this amazing experience so far with you all ...THANK YOU to my friends and family. For everything!!! Literally this is because of y'all. WE did this. I love you all so much."
He then went on to say that that vocally he "didn't like" his performance "based on the fact that I was so emotional before, during and after it."
"However, I poured my little heart out and literally put everything on the line and out there for the world to see and now after watching how authentic and real that was, I am wholeheartedly in love with every bit of myself and I'm so so fu*king proud of what I have achieved and the man and artist I am becoming each day. That was unapologetically me - Chris Black or Chriddy to y'all."
WATCH BELOW: Chriddy Black previously wowed audiences with his stellar performance of Dancing On My Own. Story continues after video..
On Wednesday, Chris a.k.a Chriddy, has posted another thank you to his fans via his Instagram story and believed that this "where I'm meant to be right now".
"What a week so far! Unfortunate not to make it through to the finals. I worked my ass off and did everything I was asked but sometimes it's just not the way it goes and the universe has other plans in store ... and THAT'S OK," he added.
"I genuinely think I'm exactly where I'm meant to be right now and this is without a doubt only the beginning of all the madness and greatness about to come!!!"
"Unfortunate not to make it through to the finals," Chriddy wrote on his Insta story. (Source: Instagram/chriddyblack)
The popular singer then went on to thanks his fans for their messages of "love and support".
"I'm so thankful for you all...I truly am. I will get back to as many of you as I can over the next week! Thank you all so much again... Stay tuned."
After the initial episode, Guy took to Twitter to respond to the backlash against his decision.
"@chriddyblack @JackVidgen I still think this sucks! You are both legends. I'm prepping for the hate from everyone who likes looking at and listening to Chriddy. To take nothing away from Jack, he was great too, it's brutal. So welcome Jack to the #TeamGuy @TheVoiceAU finals," he wrote. Eeep!
Fingers crossed we see a lot more of Chriddy sooner rather than later!