The Voice

Justice for Chriddy! The Voice fans are left reeling as Guy Sebastian picks Jack Vidgen over fan favourite Chris Black

“Chriddy was robbed!”

By Erin Doyle
With the standard of talent at an all-time high on The Voice, the coaches are faced with some tough choices on who to take through to the next round and who to leave behind.
But it was Guy Sebastian's decision on Monday night's episode that left fans outraged.
Fan favourite Chriddy Black had been pitted against former Australia's Got Talent winner Jack Vidgen and both men had to dig deep to pull off an emotional performance of Say Something in a heated Battle round.
Despite both singers' impressive efforts, Guy chose to take Jack to the finals, admitting the reason was because he thought Jack "needed" the show more.
"I'm being asked to choose between both of you, I think it sucks, but I want to make sure I take through the person that can benefit the most out of this experience," Guy Sebastian said.
"I think the person who can benefit from this process right now is Jack."
WATCH BELOW: Chriddy Black previously wowed audiences with his stellar performance of Dancing On My Own. Story continues after video..
Fan favourite Chriddy Black was left crushed after Guy didn't pick him in the Battle round. (Image: Channel Nine)
Chriddy was left clearly crushed by the decision and caught Guy off-guard when, following high praise from the Choir singer, asked "Why didn't you pick me?"
Guy awkwardly responded: "That is the brutality of this show and the brutality of Battles."
Fans took umbrage at Guy's choice, with some believing he chose Jack due to his AGT history and struggles rather than Chriddy, who many believed was the better performer on the night.
"Ugh, you KNOW Chriddy's gonna lose cos the judges are just determined to make Jack famous again for some reason.." one complained.
Another didn't hold back on with their thoughts, penning, "Total BS. Chriddy absolutely killed that performance! Hate this allstar crap! Big mistake Guy."
Jack Vidgen and Chriddy had gone head to head in an emotional performance. (Image: Channel Nine)
A further Tweet from another upset viewer read: "Chriddy is easy to look at but that's not why we think he got robbed by you, that is an insult to us, the audience and to Chriddy, way to cheapen his shining talent."
Another simply stated: "Chriddy was robbed..... Wrong decision Guy."
Fans slammed Guy for picking Jack over Chriddy. (Image: Channel Nine)
Meanwhile, Guy also took to Twitter after the scenes aired to respond to the backlash.
"@chriddyblack @JackVidgen I still think this sucks! You are both legends. I'm prepping for the hate from everyone who likes looking at and listening to Chriddy. To take nothing away from Jack, he was great too, it's brutal. So welcome Jack to the #TeamGuy @TheVoiceAU finals," he wrote.
But with one wildcard save still up Guy's sleeve , Chriddy could still live to fight another day – fingers crossed Guy uses it!