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The Block's executive producer reveals the surprising requirements applicants must have to be selected for the show

''I don’t think it’s about being a really talented renovator.''

By Alana Mazzoni
The Block's executive producer has revealed what it takes to be chosen as a contestant on the hit reality show, and having a knack for renovating surprisingly isn't necessary!
Julian Cress, who's at the helm of the popular reno show's production, said casting directors are looking for Aussies who have "the energy and enthusiasm to give it a shot".
The Block's executive producer Julian Cress said casting directors are looking for Aussies who have "the energy and enthusiasm to give it a shot". (Image: Nine)
"We've had people who say they can't build. You don't necessarily need to know how to swing a hammer to do The Block. But it helps," he told TV Tonight.
Julian's remarks are testament to the fact that over 17 seasons, even the couples with the least renovation experience have walked away with hundreds of thousands of dollars.
"Probably our most novice teams that we've ever had on the show we cast in our very first series: Phil & Amity. They had no idea what they were doing. Not only did they survive that first series, but when we brought them back, they won the All Star series," he added.
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Julian encouraged Aussies who can learn quickly to apply for the 2022 season of The Block, saying couples who have a strong relationship and are willing to work hard will likely thrive.
"Most people in Australia, at some point in their life, renovate their home. Now most people in Australia aren't builders, but they're willing to give it a shot. They're willing to pick up the phone, get a tradie in, pick the tiles themselves, choose the vanity, run the numbers, make sure it comes in on budget," Julian said.
It comes a week after The Block's casting director Lucky Price, a proud trans man, called on marginalised Australians to put their hand up and apply for the show next year.
Julian encouraged people who can learn quickly to apply for the 2022 season of The Block. (Image: Nine)
"It's something that has been at the forefront of my mind with all the casting I do, not just for The Block," he said.
"I'm a trans man and I say that just to exemplify my experience. I don't see a lot of people like myself on television."
Lucky has been hand selecting applicants for the Channel Nine show since 2010, but said he's yet to come across a trans man who has applied for The Block.
"The first and most important thing is I just want more people to put their hands up, if you don't see yourself on the television, you've got to put your hand up to be a part of it," he said.
Couples who are good at budgeting and have a good work ethic are encouraged to apply. (Image: Nine)
While The Block is usually filmed in upmarket suburbs of Melbourne, next year's season will take place in regional Australia.
The location for next year is yet to be officially named but there has been plenty of speculation in recent months. Domain reported that a 79-acre parcel of land in Gisborne, a town in Victoria's trendy Macedon Ranges, has been snapped up by Channel Nine's production company, MicJoy Pty Ltd.
Applications for the next season of The Block are open until October 18.

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