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EXCLUSIVE: The Block’s Luke and Josh admit that Hellweek may have got the better of them

“We’re never going to finish!”

By TV Week team
One of the toughest challenges of The Block, hallway week is something every contestant agrees lives up to the nickname – it's Hellweek.
And for Block newcomers Luke and Josh, already struggling as the least-experienced renovators on The Block, it might just be too much.
"It's been called Hellweek in the past and it definitely lives up to the name," Sydney contestant Luke, 27, tells TV Week.
Will Hellweek be too much for The Block's twins. Channel Nine
"Josh and I had an idea of what we wanted to do in each room but we never really thought much about how to connect them and what to do with the halls so it was only when we started that we realised what a big job that is."
And also, how much bigger they had made the job for themselves by flipping the original house design to create a master wing where the double garage was originally supposed to be.
"Because we added on that section at the back of the house, we had to add another hall so as soon as the builders start plastering it was like: 'Hang on, we've actually got quite a bit to do here!'," Luke says.
"And hallways aren't like a bedroom or a bathroom where if you miss something you can catch up, you have to hit every note on time every time or you just can't catch up… and we started missing a few."
"Hang on, we've actually got quite a bit to do here." Channel Nine
The problems started, Luke says, when his team of plasterers weren't able to start when he needed them.
That delay was made worse by the fact their builders were already scrambling to fix areas the twins weren't happy with in completed spaces and that tools, building materials and rubbish was everywhere throughout their house.
It was, he admits, another result of the fact that while the pair are young, fit and determined, they don't have the renovating experience of the other teams.
"It all started getting overwhelming and we just thought this is it." Channel Nine
"At the end of the day hallways are just hard, a lot harder than we'd thought and they really caught up with us.
"It all started getting overwhelming and we just thought this is it. We are not going to finish."

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