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Picking up their hammers again! Elyse Knowles and Josh Barker return to The Block

The Aussie model reveals what it’s like being back in her toolbelt and what really goes down behind the scenes.

By Emma Shepherd
This week, five of our favourite couples return to The Block to help the current crop of renovators complete a room.
Along with returning Blockheads Alisa and Lysandra, Josh and Jenna, Ronnie and Georgia, and Deanne and Darren, are season 13 winners Elyse Knowles and Josh Barker.
Elyse chats to NW about what it's like being back in her toolbelt and what really goes down behind the scenes!
Hey, Elyse. How did it feel being back on The Block?
It was a blast from the past – the same emotions and thoughts come rushing through your head. But to be honest, it was quite scary. When you haven't done it for two years and then you're jumping back in... it's a very scary situation.
What advice did you and Josh have for the current teams?
You need a big point of difference to stand out in the crowd. Obviously there are five houses for sale on the same day and that's something you cannot control. Also, put your best foot forward. Get it done but try enjoy the ride because you will never go through anything like this ever again.
"Creating a point of difference in your home is key," says Elyse Source: Nine
How did you handle the stress?
You need to keep a positive mind frame. The mind is very powerful. As soon as you let that go everything else crumbles.
What would fans be surprised to know about shooting the show?
You hardly sleep Thursday night, and on Friday you might get one hour. Then you wouldn't sleep Saturday. So you're pretty much half-dead on Sunday, when the couples interviews are. Everyone ends up falling asleep on the couches.
The lights are really warm and I'd be shaking my head trying to stay awake. Producers kept trying to feed me sugar, Coke and lollies!
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The couple team up with Luke and Tess and give them their secret tips on how to improve their home Source: Nine
Did you see anything controversial while on the show?
The boys [Mitch and Mark] and their conversion of the master bedroom into their lounge room was a big point of difference which I think could be a positive for them so excited to see what happens at auction.
Anything differ from when you appeared on the show?
The overall scale of the show and the renovation is just huge. They still have the same time period, expectations and budget and every year is getting harder and harder. This year they really have to put their best foot forward to complete it.
The Block season 15 airs 7pm Sunday and 7.30pm Monday to Wednesday on Nine.
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