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The Block star Elyse Knowles shares her secret to staying fit and fab

Model Elyse Knowles spills her top workout and diet tips, in an OK! exclusive.
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The Block winner Elyse Knowles is ramping things up in 2018. Amid launching a design and construction company with beau Josh Barker, busy bee Elyse – who’s also an ambassador for Vital All-In-One health supplement – chats to OK! about how she finds the time (and the energy!) to stay fit and fab.

Where do you find the time to exercise?!

My routine is basically have a good sleep, get up and go to the gym straight away, because then I can’t think about it, and can’t say, ‘No I’m tired!’ I just get up, get in the car and go. I do my gym class and then I come home and have my breakfast, and I’ll really look forward to that breakfast – that gets me through.

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Do you and Josh ever train together?

No, we work out separately. It’s nice because we all need our own time, even at the gym. I can go there and have time to myself, have time to think, and just focus on myself.

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What does your workout routine look like?

I’m absolutely loving weight training at the moment. I do two personal training sessions a week working on my lower body, and then I do a weight-training class with about six other girls, which is mostly upper body. I do HIIT classes as well. I also walk the dog every day on the beach. But if I need a day off the gym, if I’m tired or not feeling it, I listen to my body and just walk the dog. And she’s happy about that!

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Elyse Knowles loves working out first thing in the morning. ‘Pretty much that is at the top of my list,’ she tells OK!.

Favourite smoothie recipe?

Almond milk, ice, banana, Vital All-In-One, a bit of cacao to make it chocolate-y, and a bit of almond butter or peanut butter. Down it quick and run out the door!

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