Josh and Elyse’s winning Block home was bought by Dave Hughes

The comedian picked up the record-breaking home.
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Comedian, radio and TV host Dave Hughes was a lucky bidder at The Block auctions – picking up Josh Barker and Elyse Knowles’ winning home.

While Dave was at the auction in Elsternwick, he let buyer’s advocate Greville Pabst do the bidding on his behalf, getting the house for a cool $3.067 million.

“It was nerve-wracking when you think, hang on, I’m in for a chance here,” Dave says of watching the auction unfold.

Chatting to TV WEEK after the auctions, Dave reveals he first became interested in the property when he and fellow radio host Kate Langbroek filmed some scenes during the season.

“Kate and I came during filming and had dinner with all the couples and yeah, I just had a good vibe from that night,” Dave, 46, says.

“It’s a great house, in a great street and a great part of Melbourne and really well built and has a great aspect.”

Adding he and his family live “just around the corner” he thought it was a “great investment”.

Josh and Elyse’s record-breaking home.

Dave doesn’t plan to move his family in to the house though – rather he intends to rent it out.

“We’ll still live where we are and this is just an investment,” he says.

“I’ll probably get a corporate renter, but I might enjoy it for a little while.”

Josh and Elyse were chuffed Dave was the one who bought their home.

“We were so amazed,” Elyse, 24, says.

“He came to the challenge during filming and we were supposed to make him laugh and we pretty much failed, and we thought well, that’s game over – but he came back for more!”

Josh adds it was a last minute inspection on the day of the auctions that sealed the deal.

Josh and Elyse took out The Block 2017

“Hughsey only came back this morning at 9am – we got a last minute call last night asking if he could come through and we said yep, and it paid off,” Josh, 28, says.

If Dave hadn’t been the successful bidder and picked up Josh and Elyse’s house, he was considering bidding at Jason and Sarah’s auction.

“Just the two bookends for me,” he says. “This was number one though.”

Dave adds he knew he would have strong competition at the auction, as it was a crowd favourite.

“It was a popular pick,” he says. “It’s a well-loved house. This is quality real estate in a really great place of Melbourne – it’s a win.”

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