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The Bachelorette’s Ryan Anderson was so overwhelmed by Angie Kent rejecting him that he “blanked out” after the rose ceremony

“I don’t know if I am fully over it to be honest.”

By Erin Doyle and Anita Lyons
The Bachelorette's Ryan Anderson made no secret of the fact he was determined to win Angie Kent's heart whatever it took.
Despite his connection with Gogglebox beauty and the pair's steamy one-on-one dates, Ryan was left shattered when Angie eliminated him in the final rose ceremony.
Speaking to Now To Love following his exit, the 33-year-old revealed the true extent of his heartbreak in that moment.
"It's been tough. It did take a while and I don't know if I am fully over it to be honest. I'm working on it. It's a bit hard when you have to relive it again and it's sort of pushed in your face," he confessed.
Ryan was left heartbroken when Angie eliminated him. Image: Network Ten
"I did blank out a bit after the rose ceremony when we were outside chatting because it was just so overwhelming and I'd never been in that situation before."
Ryan added that he is trying to look at the positives and genuinely wants what's best for Angie.
"I can't be too angry because it was about Angie and I just want her to be happy, even if it wasn't with me," he said.
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Busted! Ryan was previously caught lying Image: Network Ten.
At the final cocktail party a bombshell about Ryan's secret past threatened to derail his growing connection with Angie, when it was discovered that he had previously applied for Ali Oetjen's season of The Bachelorette.
Angie was none too pleased given he had earlier told her that she was the only reason he would ever sign up for a dating show.
Touching on the scandal with Now To Love, Ryan backtracked and is now claiming he was never actually in the running for Ali's season after all.
"I was offered to audition and I wasn't fully aware of what I was auditioning for. I just wanted to basically get out of Adelaide because I wasn't having a great time there. It was something that was just done on a whim. I was flown over, everything was sorted out," he said, adding, "Nothing eventuated. I really thought nothing of it.
"It wasn't actually Ali's season anyway, so I f---ed myself there and threw myself under the bus. It was an audition for The Bachelor.
Ryan, who says he was also asked to be on Channel Seven's The Proposal, admitted that he hopes the audition bombshell wasn't what ultimately got him booted from the mansion.
"I just hope that didn't affect anything with Angie. I know it did but I just hope that wasn't the deciding factor that I wasn't there at the end," he said.
The Bachelorette's Ryan says he just wants Angie to be happy.