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Busted! Bachelorette frontrunner Ryan Anderson caught red-handed lying to Angie Kent

The Gogglebox star is FURIOUS.

By Erin Doyle
The Bachelorette's resident "dog guy" Ryan Anderson has been saying all the right things to win over Angie Kent all season
From the moment he entered the competition with a cute pooch by his side, we've seen Angie's heart melt as he uttered everything she wanted to hear, including that he only signed up for the show because it was her he'd be fighting for.
So it didn't take long for things to come crashing down when his fib was exposed during an eye-opening dinner party at the Bachelorette mansion.
The top six men had been asked to anonymously write questions for each other – then answer them truthfully in front of Angie.
One suitor asked whether anyone had signed up for a season of The Bachelorette before Angie's - and that's when things began to unravel for Ryan.
"What a question. I guess I'll explain that to Angie because I don't think you're aware but I went through the auditions for Ali's [Oetjen] season and never heard back," he admitted.
Not his first rodeo! Ryan (pictured) admitted he also signed up for Ali Oetjen's season of The Bachelorette. Image: Channel Ten
Which of course, is fine as Angie herself concedes. But what really rattles her cage is that fact that he insisted that she was the only reason he would apply for a dating show.
"What! I'm very confused. I don't care who has applied. At all. Everyone's got a past. Whatevs. But why would you tell me 'I would NEVER apply for a show like this unless it was for you'," a furious Angie raged.
"Why would you go out of your way to preach the fact that you'd never do something like this before when you have … last year!"
Realising his comments may not have been all that they seem, Angie continued: "He's come a long way because he came into this just for me but apparently he auditioned for f--king Ali's sooo! Oh, my God, what if he slides into Ali's DMs too?!"
Angie wasn't shy in letting Ryan know she wasn't pleased, asking him , "So I've got Ali's sloppy seconds?"
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Not happy! Angie (pictured) was livid with the revelation. Image: Channel Ten
"Obviously it comes across like I've lied and it makes me feel like sh-t that she's questioning my integrity," Ryan later admitted.
Despite the grilling leaving a sour taste in Angie's mouth, Ryan survived the rose ceremony.
But it looks like he'll be getting one-on-one grilling from Angie herself in Wednesday night's episode.

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