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EXCLUSIVE: The surprising truth about how Ryan Anderson almost ended up on Ali Oetjen’s season of The Bachelorette

“It was me and I feel so bad!”

By Erin Doyle
The Bachelorette suitor Ryan Anderson found himself in a world of trouble last week when his previous application for the show was exposed.
Angie Kent was livid when it was revealed at the final cocktail party that Ryan was almost one of the contestants for Ali Oetjen's season of The Bachelorette – despite telling Angie that she was the only reason he'd ever sign up for a dating show.
And now, there is a surprising plot twist to the drama – and it comes from an unlikely source.
Ryan is in the same social circle as Clare Verrall, who was a bride on Married At First Sight's season two and she claims it was her fault he was approached.
"It was me and I feel so bad – Ryan's the greatest," Clare tells Now To Love.
"They [producers] contacted me asking if I knew anyone for the show and I gave them him and another guys as I wasn't really thinking . My other male friend was pissed with me."
Married At First Sight's Clare Verrall is taking the blame for Ryan almost being on Ali Oetjen's season. Image: Channel Nine/ Network Ten
Ryan came under fire in the episode when the top six men submitted anonymous questions for their rivals – and everyone was forced to answer truthfully.
One question – which was later revealed to be written by silent assassin Alex McKay – probed whether anyone had signed up for a season of The Bachelorette before Angie's.
After Ryan confessed to being in the running for last year's season, Angie was raging.
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Angie was not happy when she found out about Ryan's secret past. Image: Channel Ten
"What! I'm very confused. I don't care who has applied. At all. Everyone's got a past. Whatevs. But why would you tell me 'I would NEVER apply for a show like this unless it was for you'," she fumed.
Dog-lover Ryan also hasn't gelled with the other guys in the mansion as easily as some of the others, but Clare claims he is actually a lot nicer in real life.
"Ryan is a really, kind and generally quiet person which hasn't really translated to the screen very well," she says.

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