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The convincing theory Angie Kent will split with The Bachelorette winner by the end of the year

The odds are not in her favour…

By Erin Doyle
The Bachelorette season five is careening towards the finish line with Gogglebox star Angie Kent finally set to choose her Mr Right on Thursday night's finale
But the fairytale may be over just as quickly as it began for the 29-year-old reality TV star, according to Sportsbet.
The betting agency has "Angie specials" with the odds of Angie suffering heartbreak soon after the finale airs currently sitting pretty high.
The option of "To announce winner and Angie have split up before 31st Dec 2019" is at $2.25 while the much happier option of "Angie Kent to marry winner before 1st July 2020" a less likely occurrence at $8.00.
Those worried about - or hoping for – Angie pulling a Honey Badger, may be interested to know there's a betting option in place should this occur.
"Angie Kent not to pick a winner" looks to be a relative unlikely scenario with odds currently sitting at $12.
Sportsbet's odds have Angie single again in no time! Image: Network Ten
Angie still has three men contending for her heart: Ryan Anderson, Timm Hanly and Carlin Sterritt.
There are a wealth of intriguing conspiracy theories floating around as to who she will pick.
One convincing hypothesis relates to the order the men are standing in the Bachelorette's official top three photo.
According to the theory, the person standing on the left will ultimately go on to win the Bachelorette's heart – in this case, that man is Carlin.
The "standing on the left" theory hints at Carlin winning the show. Image: Network Ten
Other fans are convinced that Ryan will get the boot in Wednesday's episode after it was discovered the official Bachelorette account is no longer following him on Instagram.
It was pointed out that the account was still following both Timm and Carlin who remain in the competition.
Meanwhile, host Osher Gunsberg came close to accidentally letting slip Angie's final two during a live interview with KIIS FM's Kyle & Jackie O show.
"She had quite a tumultuous time before the very end of it, actually. Tonight, that's the the tears you see. You see she's torn, it's the classic choice," he said.
"It's not like in some years where we had two kind of very similar people right at the very end. These are two very different... " he continued before being cut off, seemingly by Network Ten publicists.
"Very different" hey? Hmm, the plot thickens!
LISTEN BELOW: *The Bachelorette host Osher Gunsberg slips up and almost reveals Angie's final two.

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