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The Bachelorette star Carlin Sterritt's wife posts heartwarming tribute to her former lover

And she's being praised for her awesome mature response.

By Rebecca Sullivan
By now the secret is well and truly out that The Bachelorette frontrunner Carlin Sterritt is still very much a married man.
Yep, despite the fact that Carlin is attempting to win Angie Kent's heart on national television, he is still technically married to his wife of three years, Taran Higgins.
The couple were married in 2016 and are still in the process of finalising their divorce, although they have separated and both live different, single lives now.
But even though the couple are no longer together, it seems there is no bad blood between the pair, if Taran's latest Instagram post is anything to go by.
The real estate agent took to social media on Wednesday night to share a sweet tribute post about her ex, and we have to say this is a very classy response to your husband going on reality TV to find a new woman.
"When old photos make you want to change your hair colour. Also, one of my favourite photos from a real cool photo shoot we were a part of ... PSA: Not actual wedding photos," Taran wrote in her caption alongside a snap of her and Carlin in a wedding-themed modelling photoshoot.
And she added this very lovely message: "Shout out to @carlinsterritt for being his true and authentic self. #yougoglencoco #1fan #bombshell".
"Shout out to @carlinsterritt for being his true and authentic self," Taran wrote on Instagram. (Instagram)
Both Taran's friends and The Bachelorette viewers praised her very mature, respectful post.
"What a class act you are 😍," one friend wrote, while another said, "You're beautiful Taran with a heart of gold ✨", and a third person wrote: You're so beautiful Taran, and he is lucky to have a good friend like you 💗 You are both so respectful of each other xxx."
Even viewers took to Taran's page to applaud her decision.
"I don't know you but I love this. Ending a relationship doesn't mean ending a friendship. Clearly you both have wonderful memories you share, but the relationship didn't work out. This is truly beautiful that you support him. 🙌," one person wrote.
Another said: "You're going to get so much backlash for this because people can't get past the fact you can be friends with an ex husband/ex in general. Go you!! I think that showing him this support is true friendship! And really ballsy ✌🏻".
Carlin and Taran have been married for three years. (Instagram)
During Angie's first single date with Carlin a few weeks ago, he opened up to her immediately about his married status.
"I am the type of guy who wants to be open and transparent, because, you know, there's no other way to do it. I am... married," Carlin told Angie.
"In 2016, I, um ... I got married. We've been apart for a year-and-a-half," he said, adding that he and his wife simply "drifted apart".
Carlin insisted to Angie that he has moved on, although his divorce is yet to be officially finalised.
"We filed for divorce and stuff, and I suppose that's sort of just the last stage of that. So, it hasn't been final yet," Carlin said.
"I was pretty hurt in the process, and she's moved overseas now. So, like, for me that was sort of like, you know, I was, like, I've closed that chapter of my life."
The pair in a old selfie together. (Instagram)
Taran is a budding beauty blogger and frequently posts photos of her chic makeup looks on her Instagram. (Instagram)
Understandably, Angie was pretty shocked by Carlin's revelation.
"They haven't even finalised the divorce. Holy Dooley! Are you really ready to dive into something so big again when you've not even divorced yet?" Angie asked in her piece to camera.
"I know I wanted to try something different, but the bloke's still bloody married."
So she asked Carlin the tough questions.
"It just really made me start thinking, you know, are you ready? Are you here for the right reasons?" she asked him.
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But Carlin's response was actually amazing.
"Sometimes we do crazy things when we're trying to get over somebody. And because you know what it's like to feel s--t, I'm assuming, that I would hope you wouldn't want to do that to somebody," he said.
"That's just not who I am. To be honest, for me it feels like a lifetime ago. I've been focusing on myself and, like I said, I'm really content with where I'm at. I'm ready for the next thing."
Sounds like he's well and truly ready for new love!