The Bachelorette Australia

Carlin Sterritt is the frontrunner poised to win Angie's heart on The Bachelorette

And damn, he is hot!

By Rebecca Sullivan
Our Bachelorette Angie Kent said it best when describing the gorgeous Carlin Sterritt: "He is one good looking sort!"
The hunky personal trainer is already being described as the frontrunner tipped to win Angie's heart on this year's season of The Bachelorette - and we can clearly see why.
He's super hot, polite and doesn't seem to be filled to the brim with much of the toxic masculinity we often see from the blokes cast on this show, thank goodness!
And in all the promo clips Channel 10 has been plugging over the past week, we've seen Angie already going googly-eyed over Carlin.
"Hot diggity damn," Angie joked to a producer after meeting the runner-up in the Mr World Australia pageant in 2014 (yes, he really did that) on the red carpet.
"I'm Carlin, nice to meet you, a pleasure,'" the ever-polite Carlin said to Angie when they first met.
Carlin stuns Angie in a white suit on the premiere episode on The Bachelorette. Channel 10
He's also been gushing about the gorgeous blonde in pre-show interviews.
"I think she is beautiful, genuine, funny and seems to have those girl next door qualities," he told Ten Daily.
We've done a massive stalk of this total hottie (it was a tough gig, but someone had to do it!) so keep scrolling to find out everything there is to know about this guy.

He's an F45 trainer

Carlin is a Sydney-based PT. Facebook
The popular F45 gym franchise and hot guys go hand-in-hand, so it makes total sense that Carlin is an F45 PT.
If you want to get your IRL stalk on, you'll find Carlin training clients at the F45 gym in Hurstville, in Sydney's south.
And judging by the endless stream of delicious shirtless pics on his Instagram, Carlin walks the walk when it comes to preaching a healthy lifestyle, frequently posting photos of himself lifting heavy weights and showing off his six pack.
Carlin rocking the official F45 trainer's uniform. Instagram

He used to be married!! (WTF?!)

During the second episode of the series, and a 24-hour date with Angie, Carlin dropped the "truth bomb" that he used to be married.
"I suppose I've been a little bit nervous coming into this experience because I'm super vulnerable with my story," he admitted to Angie.
"I am the type of guy who wants to be open and transparent because there's no other way to do it. I am married," he said.
"In 2016, I got married. We've been apart for a year and a half. We've drifted apart you know and I was pretty hurt in the process. She's moved overseas now and for me, I've closed that chapter of my life…So, we filed for divorce and stuff, but I suppose that was the last stage of that so it hasn't been final yet."
Angie didn't take the news overly well ... but after a chat later on, she realised he was there for her and he received the first kiss of the season.
Angie was a little shocked when she found out Carlin had been married before.
We did a little stalk on Carlin's Instagram account and uncovered all these old photos of Carlin and his wife Taran Higgins - they were married in 2016 - and we are shook!

He's also a budding actor

According to Carlin's IMDb page, he's had several small roles in a few movies, including the Australian film Out of the Woods, in the role of "alien soldier" and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales.
He's also had guest role appearance on NBC's pilot season of CAMP in 2013 and roles on Australian TV series The Strange Calls and Reef Doctors.
Carlin will no doubt be very comfortable in front of the cameras in the Bachelorette mansion then.
You could grate cheese on those abs! Instagram
Hot damn! Instagram

He's a bit of an Instagram influencer

Most people go on The Bachelor or The Bachelorette to become an influencer and boost their social media profile, but Carlin already has quite the following on the 'gram already - 27,000 followers to be exact.
Aside from glorious shirtless photos, Carlin's feed is littered with sponsored posts, promoting companies such as YouFoodz, supplements brand Muscle Coach and cider brand Somersby.
Carlin tucking into a YouFoodz meal on the 'gram. Instagram
Do you really eat Maccas though, Carlin? Instagram
WATCH BELOW: Carlin sings a gorgeous romantic song on the guitar. Story continues after video.

He's already been picked as a hot favourite to win

How good does he look with glasses tho?! Instagram
Thanks to the romantic promo videos Channel 10 have been plugging leading up to the show's premiere on Wednesday night, as well as some sneaky pap shots that show Angie and Carlin holding hands on a romantic single date (the photos were taken during filming a few weeks ago), fans are convinced this could be the guy Angie takes home.
So, what does Carlin thing about marriage?
"I'm not one to rush things if the compatibility needs to be explored more. I'm very open to the idea but won't if I'm not ready," he told Ten Daily.
We cannot wait to see how this pans out.
Here's Carlin's Instagram if you'd like to do a little stalking of your own.
The Bachelorette airs on Channel 10 on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 7.30pm.