The Bachelorette Australia

A Bachelorette insider has spilled on the shock way contestants choose between Elly and Becky, so prepare for rose ceremony drama

''It’s not an even playing field.''

By Maddison Hockey
Since the surprise announcement from Channel Ten that this year's The Bachelorette season would feature TWO leading ladies, sister's Elly and Becky Miles, fans have been scratching their heads over logistics.
The first season of its kind for the Australian edition of the franchise, the only example fans had to go by was The Bachelorette New Zealand with Lesina Nakhid-Schuster and Lily McManus.
During the NZ season it very quickly became clear the men had been cast with the two women in mind.
Fans are wondering how a double Bachelorette will play out. (Channel Ten)
Now one unnamed source has spilled on the nitty gritty details to So Dramatic! of how Elly and Becky's hopefuls were supposedly divided.
"They both get to know all the guys, then after the first week the guys have to decide which girl they're most interest in pursuing," host Megan Pustetto revealed.
"It's not an even playing field. 13 guys go with Elly and only 7 guys go with Becky," she claims.
We've already seen drama teased amongst the men in the show's first trailers. (Channel Ten)
A "contestant" also alleges some of the men's choices were "strategic".
"Some dudes played it smart and chose Becky just so they could stay on the show longer because they would have less competition."
There's at least one contestant each season accused of coming on the show for the wrong reason, that usually being wanting to elevate their profile or become a #influencer.
Judging from one of the first teasers for the show, Becky comes to blows with one man for similar reason before sending him home.
Becky is set to send one ill-intentioned man home. (Channel Ten)
Chatting exclusively to TV WEEK Elly and Becky revealed the men quickly and naturally divided into two groups so viewers will see a mix of group dates and single dates this season.
But, rose ceremonies will see the sisters handing out those infamous rose lapels to men from BOTH groups.
"We both hand out roses, but it was interesting, because sometimes one of us might have wanted to send one person home, but the other would say, 'No, keep him around – I want to see more of him,'" Elly says.