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Bachelorette fans are slamming contestant Kayde for saying he looks like Zac Efron

''I resemble Zach Efron more than that boy...and I'm a middle aged female.''

By Alex Lilly
2019's season of The Bachelorette has kicked off with a bang and hoo boy, have they rounded up some of the most confident men in the country.
While Noosa politician Jess Glasgow was crowned the unofficial villain of the season, when luxury car salesman Kayde turned up on the red carpet claiming to look like a certain Hollywood superstar, Twitter had to call him on out on his claims.
As he greeted Angie on the red carpet, 25 year-old Kayde turned up in a lifeguard outfit reminiscent of the Baywatch uniform.
"I'm trying to portray something here," he said to a very confused Angie. "I know how much you like movies. Is this, like, kind of ringing any bells?"
After guessing he came dressed as David Hasselhoff, Angie eventually guessed he was trying to portray actor Zac Efron, who starred in the 2017 film remake. But like many of us, Angie didn't really see the resemblance.
Zac Efron? Umm, ok... (Image: Network Ten)
Yeah, we're stumped too Ange. (Image: Network Ten)
Needless to say, Angie wasn't the only one who thought Kayde was a tad delusional for thinking he looks like one of Hollywood's hottest stars.
"I resemble Zach Efron more than that boy...and I'm a middle aged female," one savage Twitter user commented.
"Does Kayde think he looks like Zac Efron? Has he seen Zac Efron before?" another questioned.
The disbelief even went viral on social media with Zac Efron trending on Twitter. Somewhere in sunny LA, that poor man is probably very confused.
Even former Bachelorette Georgia Love had to weigh in, simply writing, "Babe. Ya don't," accompanied by a GIF of a shirtless Zac.
Yeah, we have to agree with her on this one.
This isn't the first time the Georgia has taken to Twitter to express her Bachie views. During Matt Agnew's season when he unceremoniously dumped Elly Miles, the TV journalist wrote a short but savage: "F--K YOU MATT!"
Turns out Georgia has Angie's back more than you may think as the former Bachelorette, who is now engaged to her season's winner Lee Elliott.
The pair had a two hour chat, where Georgia passed on some pearls of wisdom to Angie.
"She was very honest and had the best advice. She said to me, 'Just think outside of the Bachie bubble, who's gonna be there when Angie's just Angie and not the Bachelorette anymore?' and I thought of that a lot," Angie confessed to TV WEEK.
We guess we'll have to wait and see if Kayde wins Angie over. Or starts looking a bit more like Zac.
In the meantime, watch some of the real Zac Efron in the Baywatch trailer below.

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