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Georgia Love's savage swipe at Matt Agnew for dumping fan favourite Elly Miles

The former Bachelorette is absolutely livid.

By Erin Doyle
The whole of Australia collectively lost their minds after Elly Miles was given the boot on Wednesday's episode of The Bachelor.
In a nail-biting rose ceremony, Matt Agnew gave the fan favourite the flick following a single date where she dared to suggest that rival Abbie Chatfield maybe wasn't on the show for the right reasons.
Despite the same sentiment being expressed by several others throughout the series – including his best friend Kate – the comments were enough to send Elly packing.
But among those expressing their outrage, there was a familiar face.
Yep, none other than former Bachelorette Georgia Love wasted no time weighing in with her opinion and guys, she wasn't happy.
Taking a savage swipe at the astrophysicist after he left poor Elly in tears, Georgia raged on Twitter: "F--K YOU MATT!"
I mean…. it was what we're all thinking…
Elly's elimination leaves just four girls left vying for Matt's heart: Abbie Chatfield, Helena Sauzier, Emma Roche and Chelsie McLeod.
Georgia (left) had some harsh words for Matt Agnew (right). (Image: Getty/ Network Ten)
Elly was left crushed by her elimination. Image: Network Ten
While Elly is still picking up the pieces of her broken heart after being crushed, Georgia is having a much happier time in her own personal life.
She recently announced her engagement to Lee Elliott, who she picked at the finale of The Bachelorette season two.
WATCH: The moment Georgia Love chooses Lee Elliott in The Bachelorette finale, leaving Matty J heartbroken. Story continues below...
Taking to Instagram earlier this month, Georgia shared a photo of the pair in an embrace along with the caption: "If you're not busy for the next 50 or 60 years..." 💍 #YES!!"
As Georgia showed off her gorgeous engagement ring, which has a beautiful diamond on a slender silver band, the pair looked utterly ecstatic.
In true form, Lee's post about the couple's exciting news included a pun, which the pair are renowned for sharing on social media.
"I liked it so I put a ring on it 💍 #feyonce"
Lee and Georgia announced their engagement earlier this month. Image: @georgiealove/ Instagram
Back in July, Lee spoke to Now To Love about his plans to propose and said that he "wanted to do it right".
"We are happy," he said. "And so much of our relationship happened so quickly and I want to do this right, and I want to do it properly, and I will.
"But I'll do it in 'our' time," he added.

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