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The Bachelorette's Angie Kent reveals: ‘I’ve met the one!’

The reality star reveals her hunt for love on screen was a success!

When OK! sits down with the brand-new Bachelorette Angie Kent, her big glowing grin gives the game away before the Gogglebox star even lets slip that she's met her match!
"I'm totally glad I did it. I've learnt so much about myself," says the 29-year-old, before delving into the rest of the details about her big dating adventure.
Why do you think you've been single for eight years?
I've had some really good relationships, but I've seen some really bad relationships. So, I thought, I don't want that for myself, I'm gonna go out and be the best Angie that I can be so I can attract the best person for me. I just wanted to study, travel and do everything I wanted to do.
Did you ask any of the other previous Bachelorettes for any tips after you landed the gig?
I did. Georgia Love gave me her number and we had a two-hour talk. She was very honest and had the best advice. She said to me, 'Just think outside of the Bachie bubble, who's gonna be there when Angie's just Angie and not the Bachelorette anymore?' and I thought of that a lot.
"I just said I wanted funny, down-to-earth, passionate. I'm not picky," Angie says. "If they're good-looking, that's just a bloody bonus." Image: Exclusive/Kristina Soljo
What qualities do you look for in a man?
Open-minded, patient, passionate. I don't want anyone that's a bigot. I don't want to be someone's wife and have to give up my hopes and dreams [for them]. That one's big for me.
What about physically?
I'm really attracted to someone's smile and their spirit. I'm not really big on like tall, dark and handsome or blonde and blue eyes. I want someone who's a weirdo, too. Life's gotta be exciting!
Would you consider proposing to the guy at the end of this experience?
No, I'm not into it. I've never planned a wedding, even though a lot of girls do when they're younger. I've planned my funeral, which is a bit weird [laughs]. I have the songs and everything. But if it's something my partner really wanted to do I'd consider it.
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Angie admits she "really didn't want to" do a Nick Cummins and walk away still single. Image: Exclusive/Kristina Soljo
Angie says she's met The One - but OK!'s prop pups Alfie and Percy have stolen her heart, too! Image: Exclusive/Kristina Soljo
What about babies – are you ready for that?
I have endometriosis, so it's one of those things I'll have to think about earlier than later because it'll be hard for me to fall pregnant.
Are you able to share if you've picked someone?
No-one wants to watch a movie when they know the ending, so I'm just gonna leave it at I'm very, very happy.
"Will you accept this rose, Alfie?" Image: Exclusive/Kristina Soljo

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