Countdown to The Bachelorette finale: Angie Kent and Carlin Sterritt's best moments in pictures

Fears, tears and acting skills...

By Anita Lyons
From their very first meeting, it was clear that The Bachelorette's Carlin Sterritt and Angie Kent shared a special connection.
Even at the very first cocktail party, Angie saw something wonderful in the personal trainer, who serenaded her with the least cringey song in Bachelor history.
Choosing him for the "first impression" rose was a no-brainer - Carlin was damn-near perfection.
But during their first single date, things took a little turn.
Carlin revealed he was still married and while Angie took it pretty well, this little speedbump was a sign of things to come.
After their second date, the rest of the contestants (ahem, Jamie) began to see Carlin as a threat and started relaying some of these stories to Angie, including the theory that he wanted to be Australia's next Bachelor in 2020. Angie didn't know what to believe, but ultimately, she chose Carlin.
Another single date, and things were once again going swimmingly (literally), until it was time for hometowns and Angie met Carlin's brothe, Jarvie.
It was here that Jarvie told Angie that Carlin had certain aspirations to be an actor - something he hadn't yet told Angie.
Once again, she questioned their relationship.
"If you can't see me at the end of the day for who I am, and what we've built, then that's it," he told a distraught Angie.
During the final rose ceremony, Angie's heart won out and chose Carlin to be in the final three - and then after a romantic final single date, Angie chose Carlin as the first of her final two for the finale.
So, will Carlin be the last man standing?
Before the final decision is made, let's take a look back at Carlin and Angie's road to the finale...