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"We have all been Zoe-Clare": Twitter lost the plot during The Bachelor premiere, so prepare to feel seen

When The Bachelor airs, so does the laundry... via Twitter.

By Jess Pullar
The time, dear reader, has come.
In a world where COVID-19 has wreaked havoc on our lives as we know them, not much feels the same as it has before - but one thing has never, and likely will never cease.
We are, of course, speaking of the annual roasting spectacle provided for us by users of the Twitter and Instagram sphere to laugh, cry and literally tear to shreds everything we know to be the brand new season of The Bachelor.
Yes, there really is no denying the genius behind some of the comments, quips and memes that flood our feeds from 7.30pm on a Wednesday and Thursday evening each year.
And as the brand new season, flanked by the one and only Locky Gilbert and 20 frankly stunning women debuted on our screens for another year last night... we were not disappointed.
Behold, a new season brings a new set of memes. (Network Ten)
Of course, inspiration is key in the creation of good social media roasting - and the premiere episode last night was providing plenty of that.
From wildly expensive requests, a revered triple threat rose and that red hair meltdown, the show was nothing short of a spectacle to behold.
But then, so was Twitter and Instagram - and so, to amalgamate the social brilliance that occurred during the show, we rounded up the best reactions to the show.
Keep scrolling and prepare to feel seen / attacked / general serotonin. Go on, we all need a chuckle.
Laura's expensive taste was front and centre of her first meeting with Locky - but someone pointed out a, er, slight hypocrisy in her monologue.
The below user dished out some real talk.
We feel you, girl.
Former Bachelorette Georgia Love also weighed in, wishing the ladies of the show some much needed luck - with a little reminder.
Wait, did we all miss something here?
We see what you did here, Osher...
When meme's collide...
And finally, @BachieFunny always pulling out the goods for us.