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Bachelor Australia "villains" reveal: "Shannon questioned Nick's motives"

The "snakes" of the mansion speak their minds on their fellow Bachelorettes!

By NW team
They've been called snakes, villains and even bullies, but The Bachelor "mean girls" Alisha Aitken-Radburn, Cat Henesy and Romy Poulier – aka The Tripod, as they've branded themselves – tell NW they're just keeping it real.
"If you wanna call me the villain, then sure, I'll own it," rages jewellery designer Cat, 24.
"I'm outspoken and tell things how they are – I don't think that's a crime. I'd rather be doing it openly in the house than doing it off camera and behind closed doors, which is what everyone else is doing."
Yep, in a candid chat with NW, the drama queens reveal what really goes on when the cameras are off – and they spill on who's real and who's fake!
The girls say they're not fake bitches.
Political advisor Alisha, 25, reckons the blow-up between the Tripod and Shannon Baff, 25, and Blair Thomas, 27, during last week's cocktail party was basically a stitch-up by Shannon – and something that should have been discussed off camera.
"I think Shannon was really calculated in the way she attacked Cat – she knows it's televised and she knows that by essentially humiliating Cat, she'll create a juxtaposition in which she's going to be the angel and Cat's the devil... and she's thinking, 'Yeah, that plays out well for me.'"
In fact, the girls believe there's another side to Shannon we've yet to see!
"She does a very good job at portraying herself as a sweet, innocent girl who wants to spread love – but give her a couple of vinos and she turns into a gremlin!" says actress and photoshoot director Romy. "She's a hot mess!"
Romy, 29, claims that once Shannon questioned Nick's motives for being on the show after a few drinks on a group date.
"She goes to Nick, 'You're just doing it for the big bucks, aren't ya? They pay you – you're just doing it for the big bucks!" Romy alleges.
"They did a really good edit on her and I get annoyed because she was throwing burgers at us and swearing at us!"
Shannon Baff scored the first date with Bachelor Nick Cummins.
Alisha believes many of the Bachelorettes were smart enough to research how to get a good edit on the show.
"I feel like a lot of the girls watched UnReal and noted down the 'wifey' concept," she says.
"They've gone in and studied previous seasons and thought, 'Well if I don't talk about anything on camera, then I'll be right as rain. Then I can humiliate these other girls and get them pigeonholed as the villains, which will suit me well."
Alisha continues; "I felt like a lot of the girls would say bitchy things behind people's backs."
"People would find out and someone like myself, Cat or Romy would hold them accountable for it and they would all of a sudden be like this wallflower who didn't want to discuss it because they want to keep this facade of, like, 'I'm this perfect angel baby.'"
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