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The Bachelor Australia Shannon Baff: Meet the girl who just landed the very first date

#TeamShaz for the win.

By Bella Brennan
Shannon Baff had us from the moment she admitted she was "sh-----g her dacks" at the thought of meeting Nick Cummins on The Bachelor.
And on Thursday night's episode, the bubbly 25-year-old's infectious persona managed to land her the coveted first date of the season.
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Originally from Adelaide but now residing in Victoria, Shannon's quirky humour and down-to-earth nature is giving us major Sam Frost vibes.
And as we've learnt from past Bachelor seasons, landing the first date is a big deal and can often signal a promising front-runner.
Keep reading to find out everything you need to know about The Bachelor's Shannon Baff!

Shannon Baff's job

By day, Shannon is a car care consultant.
What exactly that entails we're not too sure - perhaps she advises customers the best soap to use when washing their car?
But it appears Shannon's true passion is showbiz.
According to her Star Now profile, the 25-year-old describes herself as an "actor, extra, model, dancer, teacher and choreographer."
Perhaps Shaz is hoping a role on Bachelor will help her land her dream acting gig.
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Shannon is one of a few actresses on this season.

Shannon Baff's last relationship

Opening up to Nick Cummins during their solo date, Shannon revealed she'd been left heartbroken after she broke up with her boyfriend of nearly five years.
"I was in a long-term relationship... I was very hurt by that and it took me a long time to recover. It was nearly five years, so it was a long time," she explained to Nick.
"I've been single for two years and I'm in a predicament now where I'm really missing something. I haven't really met anyone in the two years to be honest."
"I honestly haven't genuinely connected with someone in a long time. I've always been sure of my feelings and I don't waste time with men unless there is a spark."
WATCH: Nick and Shannon meet for the first time and the sparks are flying! Post continues...
Shannon with her ex.
The 25-year-old says she hasn't felt a special spark with anyone since her last relationship... until she met Nick!

What's Shannon looking for in a guy?

"My perfect partner is someone who can fill me with laughs every day, passionate and driven," Shaz says.
As for her ultimate deal-breaker?
"Someone arrogant with horrible political views."
"My perfect partner is someone who can fill me with laughs every day!"

How does Shannon feel about Nick Cummins?

"I think I like every little bit about Nick at the moment. I get this radiating form of sunshine, he has such a lovely energy and there's definitely a connection," she says of the Honey Badger.
"She's a really genuine person. It shines through a bit in her actions," Nick reveals of Shaz.
In fact, Shaz is so keen on Nick she breaks down at the cocktail party and retreats to the bathroom for a weep after she realises just how many women she'll have to compete against for his heart.
"I just think the reality of this was just kicking in. I just… I haven't connected with anyone in a while," she explains.
"And you feel like you have with nick?" A producer questions.
"Of course I do. Like, He's an awesome dude. I know what everyone has to offer. It scares the sh-- out of me," she admits.
During the cocktail party, the pressure of the competition becomes too much.

Shannon Baff's art

Shannon is a creative soul at heart and loves to paint as a way of letting off steam.
Check out some of her creations below!
Aussie Picasso, is that you?
Interestingly, Nick's ex-girlfriend Martine was also a painter.

Where can I find Shannon Baff on social media?

To get your Shazzy fix, you can follow her on Instagram here: @shannon_baff
She also has a fairly inactive Twitter and blog.

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