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EXCLUSIVE: Matt Agnew and Chelsie McLeod reveal it was "bloody hard" to keep their relationship a secret

The smitten couple can't stop gushing over one another now the romance is out in the open.

By Erin Doyle and Rebecca Sullivan
It was a fairytale come true on The Bachelor finale last night when astrophysicist Matt Agnew confessed he had fallen head over heels for chemical engineer Chelsie McLeod.
And after being forced to keep the big decision under wraps for months, the happy couple revealed to Woman's Day just how tricky it was.
"[It was] bloody hard!" Matt said, but admitted he had an easier ride because he was the Bachelor, rather than a contestant.
"Probably a bit easier for me because unless I didn't pick someone, people know there's going to be someone that I'm texting so as long as I had a code name in my phone I could still message, I could still send things and people couldn't really deduce anything."
Meanwhile for blonde beauty Chelsie, she had to keep tight lipped as to whether she left the mansion heartbroken or in love.
"People didn't know whether to console me or be happy for me, they just don't know how to act around you. They're like 'Do I bring tissues or wine?' Both!" she laughed.
Matt and Chelsie posted this cute selfie to Instagram, proving that they are still together. Instagram
Now that their relationship is well and truly out in the open, Matt and Chelsie are sharing what they fancy about each other the most.
"For me it's probably something I banged on about a lot throughout which has been looking for someone who's your best friend and what comes with that is someone you have affection with but you also have that playful banter, that piss taking," Matt said,
He added: "I think for me that's what I love the most."
It seems like the feeling is mutual, with Chelsie echoing the sentiment as she spoke directly to her new boyfriend.
"I won't stop taking the piss out of you then will I?" Chelsie laughed.
"You take it really well so we work! You can put up with me, all of the positives. No, I do think he's a really good person, he makes me really happy and that's what I like the most."
Chelsie and Matt during the emotional finale in South Africa. Channel 10
The adorable remarks come after season seven's tear-jerking finale, where Matt finally declared his love for Chelsie.
"I've never believed in such thing as the perfect woman until I met you," Matt said. "You encapsulate everything I'm looking for. My biggest fear is opening up to that special someone and having my heart broken into a thousand pieces.
"My heart is fluttering and even though it could get broken in to a thousand pieces it's time to take the plunge and tell you how I feel. Chelsie, I love you."
WATCH BELOW: Matt and Chelsie release their first video together as a couple. Story continues after video.
After last night's finale, Matt confirmed he had not "pulled a Blake Garvey" and dumped his winning lady for the runner-up, with the couple both posting a super cute couple selfie to Instagram, proving to fans that they are still very much together, and very much in love.
"This has been an absolutely incredible experience but I found exactly what I was looking for. I love you @chelsiemcleod," Matt wrote on Instagram last night, while Chelsie simply captioned her pic: "I love you".
Congratulations guys!

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