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All the signs Matt Agnew pulls a total Blake Garvey and dumps the winner of The Bachelor

Mate...not this again!

Aussie viewers of The Bachelor are used to being screwed over by the Bachie boys - hello Honey Badger and Blake Garvey - so it's no surprise that fans of the show are digging for evidence that everything might not go to plan this year too.
The conspiracy theories are mounting that Matt Agnew will pull a total Blake Garvey and pick a winner on Thursday night, but then totally renege on his decision, dumping the original winner and picking the runner-up as his new lady.
Rumours are swirling that Matt picks Chelsie McLeod, but since fillming wrapped, he has climbed back into the arms of his chosen runner-up, Abbie Chatfield.
If that does happen, it will be a repeat of 2014 when real estate agent Blake chose Sam Frost as the winner, only to give her the flick for his #3 choice Louise Pillidge just weeks later.
It's a total flog move, so viewers will be understandably pissed off if they are robbed of their fairy tale.
"Wish we new the REAL TRUTH if you split from who you choose. Watched EVERY series, and just love to know if you do find an ONGOING relationship," one fan wrote on Matt's Instagram account.
So, what evidence do we have so far that we could be in for a shocking switch-a-roo situation?
Keep on scrolling to read our three major theories.
Fans are convinced Matt picks Chelsie, but has since left her for Abbie. Instagram

Matt was asked point blank about this - and DIDN'T deny it!

Matt was asked about this exact rumour during an interview with KIISFM's Kyle and Jackie O last month, and his response was very telling.
Matt was asked by Kyle if he was "pulling a Blake Garvey, where you pick one and change your mind",
"No ... what's the... I have heard whispers of this?" Matt replied ... completely unconvincingly.
"Do you have any more details of this?" he asked Kyle, clearly trying to deflect the question and buy himself some more time.
Executive producer Sonja, a.k.a Palestine, chimed into the conversation and said: "It's because you said on Have You Been Paying Attention, 'I pick a girl from the show', but you didn't specify its the one from the end that you pick."
"I like to be suitably vague," Matt replied. "I like to keep the audience guessing, it would be boring if it was too easy wouldn't it?"
Weird response, right? If this truly didn't happen and the woman he chose during the finale is still the woman he's with now, why would he let this untrue rumour run wild?
That's a pretty solid piece of evidence that is hard to ignore.
Matt, please don't do a Blake Garvey! Channel 10

The VERY interesting Instagram captions

All of the contestants on The Bachelor are contractually obligated to posts photos of themselves on the show to their personal Instagram accounts while the show is airing.
They're not allowed to post anything else - just these pics that Channel 10 has approved.
Usually, the girls include a cheeky caption that hints at what has gone down during the episode.
Abbie's captions are full of romantic, flirty comments about her and Matt (all in the present tense, mind you!), such as this gem: "Fun fact: Matt and I spend more time laughing than we do pashing", while Chelsie can barely muster an emoji and the official #thebachelorau hashtag, let alone a cute caption.
And today, the show's official Instagram account released two "final messages" from both Abbie and Helena - and their respective captions are very telling.
Here's what Helena said: "I don't think you can ever be entirely prepared for an experience like this, but I am so grateful to be a part of it. I am a huge believer that everything happens for a reason and all I can hope is that the connection between Matt and I is strong enough to get us through this ❣️"
And here's what Abbie said: "I am thrilled to be on this journey with Matt and to see where it takes us. Our connection has deepened with every moment we spend together. Knowing that the end is in sight simultaneously excites and scares me, but I know that I am where I am supposed to be with Matt."
As one switched on fan wrote about Abbie's comments: "Her statement sounds like he chose her", while another picked up that Abbie was writing in the present tense: "Spend. Present tense. Not spent. Interesting."
Interestingly, at the time of writing, Chelsie is yet to have her final message posted on the official Bachie page. We wonder why? WATCH BELOW: Matt Agnew reveals his complete diet and exercise regimen. Story continues after video.

THAT photo with Rachael Arahill

Rachael and Abbie pictured in July, after filming wrapped. Instagram
There are strict rules about what the girls can and can't post on Instagram between when filming has wrapped and when she show officially airs, so nothing is spoiled for viewers.
But eliminated contestant Rachael Arahill went completely off-script and posted the above cute happy snap of her and Abbie on June 22, after filming ended but before the show aired.
The now-deleted photo clearly breaks Channel 10's strict rules.
And look, we know Rachael doesn't play by the rules. Remember that time she went totally rogue on a drunken Instagram live video with Vakoo and Sogand? Yah, she doesn't do protocol.
If Abbie truly was the winner (as in, Matt picked her during the finale), it's unlikely she'd be happy for Rachael to be posting photos of her on social media. The winner is under particular pressure to keep their life and relationship under wraps until the finale airs.
So, this further feeds into the theory that Abbie wasn't the official winner, but perhaps won out in the end.
Either way, we'll know for sure in just a few days time when all will be revealed following the finale.
Until then, we'll keep you posted!
The Bachelor airs on Wednesday and Thursday nights at 7.30pm on Channel 10.