EXCLUSIVE: All-Star Phoebe admits she had a "difficult" time on Survivor amid blindside betrayal and rumoured bullying

''I think things did get too personal.''

By Maddison Hockey
Backstabbing and blindsides are part of what makes Survivor so addictive to watch. Recently, however, fans and contestants have alluded online to bullying becoming a problem at one Survivor: All Stars camp.
After a shock elimination, blindsided by David, her closest friend and ally, Phoebe took to social media to comment on her leaving the show.
Aside from stating the obvious that she'd trusted in "the wrong person", Phoebe wrote that she felt "things got far too personal."
Phoebe wasn't impressed by her blindside. (Image: Instagram)
When asked about the comment, the lawyer opened up about the "difficult" time she endured in the Mokuta tribe.
"Mokuta wasn't the greatest time for me for a number of reasons, not just because I was on the bottom but because I was on the receiving end of behavior that I felt fell outside the spirit of strategy," Phoebe tells Now To Love.
While she didn't name names as to who was reponsible for the behaviour in question, Phoebe adds, "What I will say is, I think things did get too personal at times."
On the outer in more than a strategic sense, Phoebe turned to David for support.
"Part of the reason I trusted Dave so much was because he knew that [things were difficult for her] as well, he was the person getting me through."
Phoebe turned to David but it was ultimately her downfall. (Image: Instagram)
Unfortunately for Phoebe the 'Golden God' turned on her in one of the biggest blindsides of the season. The 30-year-old reveals the brutal betrayal took her weeks to get over.
"Getting closure is difficult," she explains, "It did take me some time to work through that emotion.
I was ripped from the game and the person who has all the answers for me, I can't speak with."
While Phoebe says she's since forgiven David and been able to "figure it out" the All-Star felt "triggered" watching her tribal council on TVand seeing just what went on behind her back.
"I think David could have prepared me a little more for how far he went in the edit," Phoebe explains.
"He just has the attitude it is just a game, it's not personal. He's not walking in my shoes."