EXCLUSIVE: Survivor: All-Star Shonee solves the mystery of her infamous red dress

''If you scroll back in my Instagram you’ll see a photo of me in it from 2013.''

By Maddison Hockey
Australian Survivor: All Stars' Shonee has fans obsessed - and we don't blame them.
From making big moves like blindsiding Lydia and Abbie to her daily musings about the pure joy of finding a margarita on happy hour, we can't get enough #Shontent.
(For those yet to jump on the team-Shonee bandwagon that translates to Shonee content.)
Amongst the memes and tweets there is one thing Shonee is asked by fans about, A LOT: her red dress.
The dress in question. Image: Channel Ten
The personal assistant, originally from season 3 of the show, has donned a floral wrap dress in both seasons. So, what's the deal?
According to Shonee, like anything on Survivor, it's a strategic choice.
"My red dress was just the best option to take – it's adjustable when you lose weight, it dries really quickly, it's hell comfortable," she tells TV WEEK.
"Also, its great showing people you don't have to be a full blown athlete to do Survivor, you can rock up in a dress."
If you're hoping to copy Shonee's style, however, you're out of luck.
"I get so many messages about it asking where it's from, if you scroll back in my Instagram you'll see a photo of me in it from like 2013," she explains.
"I never buy new clothes; I literally bought it from ASOS years ago."
The dress has made an appearance on Shonee's Instagram previously. (Image: Instagram)
Another Shonee-ism that has sent fans wild online is her love of eating pickles with hummus.
"The pickle and hummus revolution!" she laughs, "It is divine! It's a flavour sensation and I'm so glad fans are getting on board."
The 27-year-old is graeful for the "nice" support she's receiving from viewers and believes it's because unlike some of her co-stars, she's your everyday Aussie.
"I love the love I get.
"I think they look at me – holding something up with my feet for 2 hours in a challenge - and think 'Well she can do that, then so can I.'"

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