"It's helped me deal with the haters": Arabella Del Busso's surprising lesson from SAS Australia

The show has helped her regain confidence.

By Woman's Day team
Despite Arabella Del Busso being relatively new to the spotlight, she's made enough headlines to last a lifetime.
In a TV interview earlier this year, the model tearfully denied faking pregnancies and miscarriages during her tumultuous relationship with NRL star Josh Reynolds.
Speaking to Woman's Day, she says the public have her all wrong.
"Unfortunately, my relationship with an NRL player and our subsequent fallout was in the public eye, something that often encourages people to feel they have a right to comment," she says.
"People have misjudged me because of what they've been presented with – what can only be described as a smear campaign against me – and they've taken it as fact."
Now the 30-year-old wishes she never took part in the scandalous interview that made her a household name.
"I actually regret agreeing to go on the show. I was led to believe I would be treated fairly," she says.
"Instead my reputation was put into question and I was under attack."
Arabella and NRL star Josh Reynolds. (Instagram)
Now SAS has proved the perfect opportunity to overhaul her image and life.
"The show has had a really positive effect on me. It's definitely changed my outlook on life and has shown me just how strong I am mentally and physically."
"It's helped with how I deal with the haters. I can take on anything in the future!"
Keep scrolling as we chat to Arabella about the real her, how SAS changed everything, and which celebrity surprised her the most!
Arabella is ready to tackle a new chapter. (Channel Seven)
Woman's Day: Arabella! The person you're made out to be in the headlines is someone quite polarising, how would you describe yourself? Who is Arabella when she's at home just being herself?
Arabella: The person I've been portrayed to be in the media and the person I truly am are drastically different.
Whilst we all know I love my glam, the true me is laid-back, someone who wears her heart on her sleeve and is extremely trusting, sometimes to my detriment, with what I'd like to think is a good sense of humour.
I'm extremely loving and caring, always wanting what is best for everyone around me and trying to lend a hand and help out, if and when I can.
I am an honest person who loves people and loves life. There will always be those who are jealous of me and hate me for one reason or another.
I am not the first person to experience this sort of treatment by the media. But I want to make it clear that the person that the media has portrayed is not me. I am just a down to earth average woman who wants to have a career and live a happy life.
The show asks a lot of you emotionally and physically, would you say this show has changed you as a person?
I think the show has had a really positive effect on me. It has definitely changed my outlook on life, shown me just how strong I am mentally and physically, and has helped me with how I deal with those that feel the need to be hateful and make negative comments about and towards myself.
It has given me a great deal of self-confidence and I feel that I can take on anything in the future. I thank the show for that. I admit that it was physically very demanding, but the experience was definitely worth the pain.
Arabella says SAS has had a positive effect on her. (Instagram)
The show has a massive celebrity line-up, who would you say surprised you the most after meeting them?
More often than not we as humans tend to create a perception of what someone is like based off what we've heard or seen in the media, and whilst I like to try to keep an open mind and judge someone based on my personal interaction with them, I can't say I was surprised by any of the celebrities.
The celebrities were often very different from how they were portrayed in the media.
[AFLW player] Sabrina [Frederick] probably surprised me the most. I had already heard good things about her, just how truly down to earth she is and how beautiful of a person she is, not just on the outside but on the inside.
It was so lovely to see. I found that all of the celebrities that I met on the show were really genuine and treated me with respect.
Now that you've had your first foray into reality TV would you say you're definitely open to exploring more opportunities in the reality space?
I would welcome any opportunity put to me and I will assess each proposal on its merits. I think that reality TV could be fun and help my modelling career.
Looking back on your time on the show, what's the one memory you would say you look back on as being the fondest?
I would say all of it, start to end. It was an incredible experience with each part being unique and memorable in its own way.

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