My Kitchen Rules

My Kitchen Rules' Pete Evans defends the competition: "It's what viewers want!"

The judge responds to accusations MKR is promoting bullying.

By Kietley Isrin
Some viewers have described the behaviour of certain contestants on My Kitchen Rules this season as "disgusting" and "staged".
Some have even gone so far as to slam producers for focusing too much on feuds around the dinner table instead of cooking ability.
After all, it's the reason fans have remained loyal to the show for nine years.
But as this season's competition, which has seemingly plated up more fights than food, comes to a close, judge Pete Evans lets off some steam.
"We're trying to give viewers what they want and we've managed to do that this year," the 45-year-old says of what's unfolded on our screens.
"It's got comedy, it's got drama, it's got emotion. It's got great food and it's got disastrous food. You can't script that."
Pete leap to the defence of the cooking competition.
My Kitchen Rules is a reality TV juggernaut. And if the show's recent ratings are anything to go by, its final episode this Sunday will attract record viewing numbers.
So, whether you love or hate the participants, Pete says the show's success comes down to casting.
"It's like writing a good menu for your restaurant," he explains.
"And that's the key to longevity for any show. You want to have variety – and then you want to keep the audience connected.
"You want to make a show that people must watch."
Emma copped a barrage of insults.
When asked about the contestants this season, Pete believes they've been a recipe for success.
"People are intrigued to see how each relationship dynamic plays out or how the teams form friendships throughout the competition," he says.
"It's always a mixed bag – I think that's one of the drawcards."
Hadil and teammate Sonya were asked to leave the show.
But the relationships formed on the show aren't always friendly.
While friendships and even romance has blossomed between some teams, it is the feud between besties Sonya and Hadil and sisters Jess and Emma that had viewers calling for change.
"Well done Manu for finally getting them off the show," a fan says. "Bullying will not be tolerated anywhere."

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