My Kitchen Rules

MKR’s Sonya and Hadil hit back at their haters

A fiery Instagram post asks viewers to 'stay silent'.

By Stephanie Marinkovic
NSW besties Sonya and Hadil have turned on My Kitchen Rules viewers in a scathing message on social media.
The pair took to Instagram in the lead up to the highly-anticipated episode (which saw them asked to leave the table) to pre-empt any unkind words heading their way.
"Only a complete fool makes accusations based on what another person has told them," their statement reads.
"Don't assume everything you hear to be true, and never accuse without knowing all the facts or both sides of the story.
"The best option is to stay silent if you don't witness something yourself."

Their post divided viewers, though many sided with the disgraced team.
"Stay strong girls!" one encourages. "I do really feel for you [and] there is no doubt in my mind you were played by the producers and editors of the show for ratings."
Another adds: "You girls are awesome and successful ones to boot and you will only get further! I'm sure it's not the last we have seen of you!"
The friends admit their actions weren't "smart".
In the same post, Sonya, 34, and Hadil, 30, slam the producers for the way things played out on-screen.
"We fell right into the hands of producers and the manipulated drama," the friends say in response to a fan comment.
"[It was] definitely not a smart decision [to not critique the food], but when the words and actions towards you (which is not being shown) pushes you to breaking point it's going to be a recipe for disaster.
"AND tonight we were pushed to the limit by both producers and certain contestants."
Sonya and Hadil escalated the drama when they involved other teams in their feud.
While Channel 7 will not confirm whether the besties will appear on-screens again, the pair has let viewers in on what's next for them.
"We are currently focused on lots of wonderful projects which we've got in the pipeline including a YouTube channel," they reveal.
Meanwhile, their rivals Jess and Emma also took to social media to explain their actions and apologise for their part in the scandal.
"We will not play the victim card!" they insist in their statement.

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