My Kitchen Rules

“We will not play the victim card!” Jess and Emma speak out after THAT MKR showdown

The sisters apologise after the shocking events of last night.

By Stephanie Marinkovic
The war of words between My Kitchen Rules rivals reached its ugly conclusion last night when Jordanian besties, Sonya and Hadil were asked to leave the dinner table.
In the aftermath of the shocking feud, Sydney sisters Jess and Emma have apologised for their part in the heated argument.
"We want to apologise for our part in the drama that unfolded," Jess, 31, and Emma, 38, write in a heartfelt online message.
"We should not have engaged with any of the comments towards us."

The pair insist they will not "play the victim" in the coming weeks and will no longer add fuel to the fire.
"There is no excuse, even if we were defending ourselves, to act this way in another's home," they say.
"We don't wish to add anymore to the situation and certainly will not play the victim card."
Jess and Emma have come forward with an apology after yesterday's showdown.
Instead, they ask for sympathies to be directed at the teams who got caught in the crossfire and to the night's hosts, Kim and Suong.
The Melbourne mums' dinner was significantly delayed while the scenes played out in their dining room and the judges were later forced to work out an average of scores to make up for the missing team.
"The only people to feel sorry for are the other contestants who felt uncomfortable and the hosts who were disrespected," the sisters say as they offer their congratulations to the team.
"Congratulations to Kim [and] Soung on their amazing score tonight, both safe teams [Henry and Anna are placed first on the leader board] absolutely deserve their spot in the finals."
Things quickly went downhill at Kim and Suong's dinner party.
Jess and Emma also implore their followers to be kind.
"To our young followers this is not acceptable behaviour and there a better ways to resolve issues," the sibling plead.
"Be kind and stop the hate, the horrible nasty comments towards the girls is not needed."
Sonya and Hadil, meanwhile, have come forward with a statement of their own, asking viewers not to comment about the episode.

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