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MKR contestant Suong’s hospital horror

'It was a scary moment!'
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It was the moment no one saw coming.

In a dramatic conclusion to tonight’s episode of My Kitchen Rules, contestant Suong was rushed to a hospital after suffering from severe stomach pains.

Now, Suong reveals what really happened during the harrowing ordeal which left her fellow contestants concerned and in tears.

“It started when I was in Western Australia [Stella and Jazzey’s restaurant],” Suong tells TV WEEK.

“I wasn’t feeling well that day but didn’t think much of it. Then, I felt unwell coming into Alex and Emily’s restaurant; it just went downhill from there.”

Suong says her ordeal was “scary”!

For anyone who missed it, the Melbourne mum was about to sample Alex and Emily’s Instant Restaurant menu when she felt sharp pains in her stomach. It was so intense that the 38-year-old abruptly left the dinner table. Friend Kim later found Suong in agony outside.

“I was in so much pain – at one point, I blacked out,” Suong says.

“It was a scary moment.”

In and out of consciousness, Suong says she “doesn’t remember much.”

However, she does recall telling her fellow competitors to call a cab, rather than an ambulance.

“I remember saying, don’t call the ambulance, I can get a cab. I was worried about the fees but I didn’t want to make it a big deal,” she explains.

“It was my first trip in an ambulance and the whole time I kept thinking about how much it would cost! [laughs]”

The high pressure environment may have been in a factor in Suong’s illness.

At the hospital, Suong discovered she had an internal virus. The home cook suggests it could have been the result of stress, travel and little sleep.

“I was on a drip the whole time,” she says.

“It was probably the first time in the competition I was able to rest. But I can’t complain, because all the competitors went through it.”

Thankfully, Suong denied that her illness came about as a result from the instant restuarants.

“No, it wasn’t from the food,” she laughs. “I don’t think so!”

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