My Kitchen Rules

Ibby and Romel go up against Matt and Luke in first all-male MKR Grand-Final

Who will be crowned the winner?

By Tina Burke
My Kitchen Rules is celebrating it's 10th anniversary this year, so it's only fitting that the Grand-Final have a special new 'first' to mark the occasion.
This year, for the first time ever, the show will host an all-male Grand-Final as Ibby and Romel go head-to-head with Matt and Luke.
Though we've previously seen two all-female teams compete in the Grand-Final together (Chloe and Kelly vs Bree and Jessica in Season 5), we've never had two all-male teams facing off for the grand prize.
Ibby & Romel and Matt & Luke make history in first all-male Grand Final (Image: Channel Seven).
On Sunday night, the boys will be competing for the $250,000 prize money and title of 2019 MKR Champions in a challenging cook-off.
The home cooks will serve up more than 100 plates for a packed restaurant of family, friends, eliminated teams and, in a series first, 10 judges in celebration of MKR's anniversary year.
They will each produce a five course menu, with the pressure at an all-time high.
Pete and Manu will have their final say in the MKR Grand-Final (Image: Channel Seven).
In Monday night's Semi-Final Ibby and Romel wowed the judges with their Middle Eastern flavours and sous vide technique.
They served up an entrée of Lebanese Chicken Liver with Pickles and Saj, a main course of Samke Harra (Trout with Fennel Cream and Dukkah), and Pistachio Frangipane Tart with Halva Ice Cream for dessert.
They beat out Pat and Bianca's Italian classics with a score of 48/60 compared to a score of 42/60.
Ibby and Romel jumped ahead of Pat and Bianca with their delicious menu (Image: Channel Seven).
In Tuesday night's Semi-Final Matt and Luke managed to beat Andy and Ruby by a mere two points in the strongest semi-final in MKR history.
They delivered a master class in modern Australian cooking, serving up an entrée of Kangaroo Tartare with Wattleseed and Nasturtium, a main course of Pappardelle with Abruzzese Lamb Ragu and a Chocolate Tart with Espresso Semifreddo for dessert.
The cricketing mates scored a near-perfect 59/60, while Peruvian cooks Andy and Ruby scored just below them at 57/60.
Luke and Matt scored 59/60 for their daring menu (Image: Channel Seven).
With scores like these, it's sure to be a close Grand-Final on Sunday night, though Matt and Luke's higher Semi-Final score places them as the current favourites. We can't wait to see how both teams fare!
My Kitchen Rules Grand-Final airs Sunday, 8pm, on Channel Seven.

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