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My Kitchen Rules Exclusive: Manu reveals his shock offer to Josh and Austin

The beloved MKR judge made a surprising offer to the controversial brothers...
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There’s one person who’s probably happier than most now that controversial brothers Josh and Austin have left the competition – and that’s Manu!

The French chef and My Kitchen Rules judge admits that after their disaster of an Instant Restaurant, he was so sure they wouldn’t progress further in the competition, he offered to double the show’s prize money should the siblings reach the final.

“Yes, I did mention that,” he tells TV WEEK. “The food at their Instant Restaurant was terrible. I was angry because it was a waste of time for everyone.

“They were lucky to stay as long as they did.”

Manu made a shock offer to Josh and Austin (Image: Channel Seven).

With the grand finale in sight, Manu says it’s anybody’s game, though he’s a fan of “underdogs” Matt and Luke.

The show has struggled to keep up with Nine Network juggernaut Married At First Sight’s ratings. But Manu, 45, isn’t worried about that.

“It doesn’t bother me,” he says. “It was nice to be number one for a long time, but everything in life is a competition.

“We still rate well, and there’s still demand for the show. I don’t watch MAFS… it’s not the type of show I’d want to watch.

“Ten years on TV is a really good thing and we’re proud of that. We have another two years and hopefully there will be another two after that.”

Manu and Pete have been the show’s judges since it began in 2009 (Image: Channel Seven).

Manu is tight-lipped about rumours MKR will be back for a spin-off series later this year as part of its 10th anniversary celebrations.

“I’ve got a few things in the pipeline I can’t really tell you about yet,” the chef hints.

It’s been reported that Channel Seven has plans to launch MKR 2.0, a revamp of the show that will focus on the warring contestants and include MAFS-inspired cocktail parties, led by Colin Fassnidge.

Is Colin Fassnidge about to lead a spin-off series? (Image: Channel Seven).

Meanwhile, Manu recently revealed he’d lost 10kg after piling on the kilos during filming. In January, he weighed 107kg, but is now much happier at 97kg.

He and wife Clarissa are on their weight-loss journey together – but Manu admits it hasn’t been easy.

“At the start, we got angry with each other,” he says.

“We were hungry, we weren’t drinking [alcohol] and we’d get up every morning to go to the gym. It was really hard.

“But suddenly it became routine and you see the weight coming off and begin to feel better mentally.”

Manu and wife Clarissa have been on a weight-loss mission (Image: Instagram).

My Kitchen Rules finale week begins Monday, 7:30pm, on Channel Seven.

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