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Outspoken siblings Josh and Austin push My Kitchen Rules judge Manu to the edge

Manu hits boiling point this week on MKR

Fans of My Kitchen Rules know it takes a lot for easygoing Manu to lose his cool. But this week, at Josh and Austin's Instant Restaurant, it happens.
"This is ridiculous," Manu, 45, snaps. "And I've never expressed myself like this in 10 years!"
The other teams can only watch in stunned silence. As Karito says, "I've never, never seen Manu that angry before."
Manu loses his cool with Josh and Austin (Image: Channel Seven).
So what do the home-schooled brothers do that makes the judge loose his cool?
The tension has been building throughout the Instant Restaurant round. Josh and Austin's blunt comments are rubbing everyone up the wrong way, especially Ibby and Romel. Austin tells Romel he looks like Woody from Toy Story. Romel, 45, hits back by saying that Austin looks like Cousin Itt from The Addams Family.
"There were a lot of clashes between us and Josh and Austin," Ibby, 30, recalls. "They don't hold back. They're just full-on. They're intelligent, but they're also very, very rude and disrespectful. That caused a lot of problems with us."
Ibby and Romel arrive at the instant restaurant (Image: Channel Seven).
Josh, 25, claims that when he and Austin, 22, make comments about their co-stars, they're just being honest.
"We never do it with malice or malicious intent to hurt other people's feelings," he insists.
"What you'll see is a lot of people actually respond to us with malicious intent to hurt feelings."
Finally, after a series of Instant Restaurants dominated by the two "dinner-party terrorists", it's Josh and Austin's turn in the kitchen. After all they've said, it's now time to show everyone what they can do.
Josh and Austin have ruffled feathers on MKR (Image: Channel Seven).
Manu and Pete haven't had much to say about the brothers so far, but it's clear they've been taking in every word. And, as the night at their western Sydney home unfolds in a truly unforgettable way, Manu's feelings rise to the surface.
Is he justified in letting loose?
"It was probably the worst night of my life," Josh reveals to TV WEEK.
"I physically got sick. Think about your most tormenting moment in your life – that's what it was like for me."
This is one Instant Restaurant that's set to go down in MKR history!
My Kitchen Rules airs Sunday to Wednesday, 7pm, on Channel Seven.

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