My Kitchen Rules: All the couples who have hooked up on set

Things have gotten hot and heavy in the kitchen over the years...

By Alex Lilly
While it may not be a dating show, My Kitchen Rules isn't just about the cooking by any means.
Between sudden cook-off challenges and instant restaurants, some of the contestants have even been involved in behind the scenes romances. Some you may not have even realised...
The latest couple stirring up the romance rumours are Victor and Piper, the former of whom admitted that they became "quite close" during filming.
Woman's Day previously reported that Piper, who was in the process of divorcing her husband during filming, found comfort with Victor, 28 and their fellow contestants definitely noticed something was up too. But they're not the only ones.
Keep scrolling as we look back at the sizzling and not-so-sizzling MKR romances through the years.

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