Married At First Sight

Married At First Sight 2019: Meet the intruders

These four new brides and grooms are rumoured to shake up the experiment.

We thought we'd seen it all with Ines and her fiery temper, Sam ghosting Elizabeth and that explosive first commitment ceremony, but things are about to get shaken up even more on Married At First Sight.
Four new brides and grooms are set to join the original group and we have no doubt they'll bring in some more drama.
Keep scrolling to meet the awesome foursome.
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Queensland groom Billy's good looks are sure to leave the brides in a spin! (Image: Instagram)
Billy is an aspiring model, actor and body-builder from Queensland, whose good looks are set to leave the brides in a spin!
He's a former underwear model with no issues stripping down.


Is Susie only in it for the Instagram followers? (Image: Instagram)
Sources tell Woman's Day the Brisbane mum-of-one is set to ruffle feathers with her hot body and love of a selfie.
If her Instagram is anything to go by, she may be accused of being on the show to attract followers.
For everything we couldn't print and more, listen to the MAFS Confessional podcast below!


Dad-of-one Dan knows how to play the field...rugby field that is! (Image: Instagram)
The former rugby player knows how to play a field, but nothing prepares Dan's bride for the surprise that he has a young son.
The chiselled single Gold Coast dad is also a savvy businessman.


Tamara loves a selfie! (Image: Instagram)
The Melbourne-based brunette will have no issues fitting in with the existing betrothed-brides.
Like Susie, Tamara enjoys bikini selfies and is fond of a luxury holiday.

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