Married At First Sight

Are Married at First Sight's Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer hiding something with this picture?

Fans are wildly speculating what this picture could mean.

By Holly Royce
These two lovebirds were catapulted into the post Married At First Sight spotlight following the on-air revelation of their controversial partner-swapping union. Yet somehow, MAFS' Troy Delmege and Carly Bowyer became the last couple standing when the dust settled.
After the show wrapped filming in March this year, Sydney-based Troy, 35, quit his job in IT and moved to Melbourne to be with marketing manager Carly, 32, and NW reported it was a tough adjustment.
"Carly is going crazy having Troy around 24/7 and can't see the relationship lasting much longer," an insider exclusively revealed to NW.
"He's been out of work for eight weeks now and just spends all day, every day, messaging her while she's in the office.

And now, Troy's latest photo has fans speculating the pair are hiding something, maybe it's a break up, it's perhaps a pregnancy... but something is a little bit suspicious.
People were quick to point out that the loving couple shot posted by Troy is actually an older pic, made clear by the fact that it does not feature Carly's new veneers which she got just a few weeks ago.
"Evening strolls through St Kilda ... this tour guide is pretty cute," Troy captioned the photo.

"This is an old photo. I actually don't think they are still together," one person commented.
"It's an old photo, does this mean she's pregnant?" commented another.
"Definitely a baby announcement!"
But Carly quickly stepped in and put an end to any rumours, explaining Troy was simply stirring the pot.
"Oh my god. Stirring the pot @troydelmege !!! Sorry everyone not pregnant," she commented.
Let's hope they are still together because we're only just starting to believe in reality TV love again, after Tayla and Grant's split.