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EXCLUSIVE: Insider reveals Love Island's Grant is MIA, Tayla holed up in hotel

The tradie from Melbourne has been unreachable since the news of his shock split from Tayla, a source close to the couple tells NW exclusively.

By NW team
Love Island's Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir's relationship has been the shortest coupling in Australian reality TV history. Tayla, 21, announced her split from Grant, 22, just two weeks after the pair left the Love Island villa with a winning share of $50k.
Taya admitted to The Fix on Thursday that she was devastated by the realisation that Grant was "too young" for her and trust issues ultimately got the better of them.
And while we've heard Tayla's side of the story, what about Grant? Since the shocking news, NW has spoken to a source close to the couple who revealed that no-one has been able to get in touch with the Love Island lad.
Just two weeks after they left the Love Island villa, sweethearts Grant and Tayla have ended their relationship.
"Grant's phone has been switched off since 9am this morning – and no-one can get in touch with him," the source said.
They added, "Grant is obviously upset and just needs time to himself for a while."

Grant seemingly got himself caught in a web of lies when he vehemently denied having a live-in girlfriend while on the reality dating show.
"Grant swore black and blue that he didn't have a girlfriend, right up until the moment he went on the Kyle and Jackie O show," said NW's insider.
"He insisted that Lucy was just a girl he was casually seeing – and that it wasn't serious."
Tayla who was in love with Grant, originally believed her boyfriend's story. But as it often does, the truth came out and Tayla made the decision to end their relationship.
"He eventually told Tayla and he knew this moment was coming," spilled the source.
"Tayla is shattered!" says a source close to the young couple.
While Grant is currently unreachable, but seemingly heartbroken, Tayla is holed up in a Sydney hotel after moving from Perth to start her new life with her now ex-partner.
"This is heartbreaking for Tayla," the Love Island insider explained. "She's currently in a hotel in Sydney, where she had planned to move in with Grant, trying to put back the pieces of her heart. She's shattered."
"They're both so young so this is incredibly tough for them – they really both fell in love with each other. The feeling were real."
NW has reached out to Grant for comment.

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