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Look away Tayla! Love Island's Grant Crapp's secret girlfriend revealed!

Sources claim Grant’s been, er, Crapp at telling Tayla the truth about his love-life, but this week she’ll find it all out!

By NW team
They're one of the strongest couples on Love Island, but Grant Crapp and Tayla Damir are set to face their biggest hurdle yet on the eve of the finale, with shock claims Grant has a secret girlfriend waiting for him at home!
Last week, NW uncovered allegations that Canberra-based electrician Grant, 22, has actually been in a long-term relationship with personal trainer Lucy Cartwright.
Worse still, they were apparently living together up until the time he left for the show, while the pair worked together on his fitness fashion brand Royal Apparel!
Grant and Tayla seem so loved-up!
While Grant claimed to have been single for more than two years before hitting the villa, that might not be the case.
In fact, he was pictured with Lucy and her family in cosy social media posts as recently as April 8, and was still posting pictures and gushy comments about her just weeks before he headed to Spain!
Comments made by a social media user, claiming to be Lucy's cousin, also suggest that the tradie left more than just his clothes behind when he headed to Mallorca.
Grant and his alleged girlfriend, Lucy. Image source: Instagram
"No joke! His girlfriend is my cousin," she alleges. "They live together and they were still 100% together when he went on the show. He was just going there to promote himself and his fitness brand royal apparel!!!!"
So muggy...
The Love Island lad claimed to be single for two years before entering the show. Image source: Instagram
"He's told Tayla that he's in love with her, but she doesn't know about Lucy! Who does that?!" says an outraged source.
"Tay and Grant have made their relationship official on the show, but this week as the series ends, it's going to all come crashing down on him!"
Yep, the couple are expected to meet each other's parents via video chat this week, and Grant and Tayla could be confronted with the truth about his relationship on the outside!
Grant told Tayla he loved her, and now they've made their relationship "official".
Naturally, the shocking news could spell heartbreak for poor Tayla, 21, who's fallen head over heels for Grant during her time in the villa. Despite early hiccups, when Grant ditched Cassidy for Tay, fans have watched the smitten couple declare their love for each other and discuss being together forever.
And with the show's finale airing this week, it's not long till Tayla finds out the truth about her new man's love life!
We don't know about you, but we've definitely got "the ick" right now.
Don't miss this week's NW for more secrets from the Love Island cast!

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